How to Settle Your BillEase Downpayment: Three EASY steps

In case you missed it: BillEase is now available as a payment platform for 100+ merchants online. This means you can buy now from our wide array of partner merchants and pay later using your BillEase credit limit. 

And you can buy a wide range of products, too. From gadgets to furniture and appliances, to fashion items, and beauty and health products, you certainly can get whatever you need from BillEase. 

Certain items – specifically items with higher price range – require a downpayment to avail. This usually amounts to ⅓ of your purchase’s total cost. 

Is there a process in settling your downpayment with BillEase? Yes, and we’re here to teach you how.

But first, you will need to secure three important things.

  1. An approved BillEase account
  2. The item you want to purchase
  3. Your downpayment

Once you have all the above-mentioned things, you can proceed with the first step in settling your downpayment.

STEP 1: Choose BillEase as your payment method upon checkout.

You will see BillEase among our merchants’ available payment options during your checkout process. Choose BillEase and proceed to the rest of the checkout process.

STEP 2: Settle your downpayment.

As soon as your item is successfully checked out, your downpayment due will be reflected on your BillEase account from where you can settle it.

Just click the “Make Downpayment” button and you will be directed to several ways to make payments. Take note of the payment verification time frame indicated beside each payment method. Payment Requests and Online Banking instantly reflect on your account while Bank Transfers take 1 to 2 banking days for verification.

IMPORTANT: Settling your downpayment on time is important to keep your order active. If your downpayment deadline lapses, you will need to reorder your item.

STEP 3: Wait for your payment verification.

This step is very important. If you settled your downpayment via bank deposit, submit your proof of payment via the BillEase app for verification. Once your receipt has been verified, your order will be confirmed and our merchant will be notified to send out your order for delivery. 

Now all you have to do is wait for your item to be delivered to your doorstep. 

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Paying with BillEase is not just always easy but it is also rewarding. With more and more merchants hopping on board, the possibilities are endless when it comes to paying with BillEase. 

Browse here to check our current roster of merchants and be sure to download our app on Google Play Store and App Store if you haven’t yet.

Happy shopping!

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