Ways to Pay Your BillEase Installment

(UPDATED April 2023) Shopping is all about blissful moments, and Billease makes sure that the billing process is just as blissful! Billease offers easy and flexible installments, so you can buy what you love, pay with ease.

Billease has made it hassle-free with a variety of payment options, so you can settle your dues in a snap and get back to enjoying your purchases.

1. Direct transfer from Coins.ph

Two days before your upcoming due date, BillEase will send a payment request to your registered email and contact number. This payment request contains your amount due as well as other relevant information. 

Once you click on this payment request, you will be redirected to several available payment channels, among them is coins.ph.

Follow coin’s instructions on settling your payment (make sure that you have sufficient coins.ph credit first!) and you’re done!

Learn how you can request for your payment request here.

2. Pay via GCash

Another hassle-free online payment method you can use for your BillEase account is GCash.

To pay using your GCash account, you first need to locate your BillEase Loan ID on your BillEase account. You can then use the Loan ID to pay your installment via GCash’s bills payment feature. 

You can learn more about GCash payment here.

3. Linking your Online Bank Account

Another super convenient method is linking your online bank account to your BillEase account.

With this method, you can pay BillEase directly from your online bank account and your payments will be booked automatically. No need to send us your proof of payment.

This feature is available for BPI and Unionbank users,

To know more about this hassle-free feature, read our blog here. 

4. Bank transfers

BillEase also has a number of bank accounts to which you can send your payments.

One of the pros of settling your payments through bank transfers is there won’t be any bank fees incurred, as long as the payment is settled through the same bank. It is noteworthy, however, that some banks charge payments.

Here are our bank accounts:

Send your proof of payment or receipt to pay@billease.ph using your registered BillEase email address so we can verify your payments. 

Important note: Bank payments may need at least one to two banking days for verification and processing before reflecting on your account. We will always base the payment based on the date indicated on your receipt, so no penalties will be applied in any case.

5. Through Cebuana & M. Lhuillier 

You can also pay your BillEase installment through Cebuana or M. Lhuillier branches nationwide. For a complete breakdown of the payment process, click here.

As online banking methods advance, you can be assured that BillEase will continue widening our range of payment methods.

6. E-wallet

You can also pay your BillEase installment through e-wallets such as GCash, maya, ShopeePay, and GrabPay.

A convenience fee applies but the posting of payment is real-time.


Now that you know how to settle your installments, did you know that paying your installments on time can actually be a fun and rewarding experience?

1. Improves credit score

Paying your installments on time demonstrates responsible financial behavior and can increase your credit score. Late payments can have a negative impact on your credit score, making it difficult to obtain credit in the future.

2. Avoid late fees & penalties

Late payments often come with late fees and penalties, which can add up over time and increase the amount you owe. By paying your debts on time, you can avoid these additional fees and save money in the long run.

3. Reduces stress

By paying your debts on time, you can reduce the stress and worry that comes with financial obligations. This can help improve your overall well-being and give you greater peace of mind.

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