Link Your Unionbank Account for Faster Payment

Experience faster, hassle-free payments by linking your Unionbank online account with BillEase! Read on to discover how.

When it comes to online shopping experiences, one of the most important aspects is payment. That is why here in BillEase, we keep the payment process as fast, easy, and convenient as possible while taking care of our customers’ security. 

We have already made changes to our payment process by linking customers’ online BPI accounts to their BillEase accounts, which allows for automatic booking of payments. No need to send us your proof of payment! 

And now we’ve added another bank to allow more customers to experience this hassle-free payment process. 

From now on, Unionbank customers can link their online bank account to pay for your BillEase installments!

And just like before this online banking payment method automatically books payments to your BillEase account. No need to send us your proof of payment!

And, yes, it’s absolutely free of charge.

Want to know how you can avail of this exciting feature? Read on for the step-by-step guide.

STEP 1: Choose Online Banking as your payment method.

In your BillEase account, go to “Installments” and click the “Pay Now” button. You will notice a new payment method called Online Banking. Click the button.

Note: Only BPI and Unionbank users can access this payment method as of now. BDO users will be able to use this soon!

STEP 2: Link your online bank account to your BillEase account.

Choose Unionbank of the Philippines. 

Once you click the link, you will be directed to the online banking login page. Enter your username and password to continue.

Important Note: BillEase does not store any of your online banking information.

STEP 3: Enter the OTP.

Unionbank will send a One-Time Password or OTP to the number registered in your BillEase account. Input the OTP to the screen provided and click submit.

Congratulations, you’ve now successfully linked your online bank account to BillEase!

Now let’s discuss how to make payments using your linked online banking account.

Pay with your online bank account.

Proceed to your Installments and choose online banking as your payment method.

Choose the installment you want to pay. You can pay your full installment, just your due, or make custom payments.

Choose Online Banking as your payment method and enter your preferred bank account. Input the OTP to proceed with your payment and you’re done!

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