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Have you noticed something on the road every time you go out for a drive? In case you haven’t, there are more motorcycles and bicycles on the road these days. Because public transport is not fully operational, more people were forced to buy two wheel vehicles to be able to go from point A to point B, sans the hassle.

Just like any other inventions, bikes and motor vehicles will break down at one point. You will need parts or accessories to get yours fixed. In case you are looking for the place to be when it comes to automotive parts, then Taiga Philippines must be your first option.

Who is Taiga?

Taiga Philippines is an e-commerce company that offers the widest assortment of motorcycle parts, autoparts, and truck parts. These products were sourced from manufacturers, vendor importers, and large-scale distributors to give consumers options at the best and reasonable price.

Aside from parts and accessories, Taiga now sells motorcycle units. From the website, you can see options as it carries units from various brands. The best part is that you can buy a motorcycle and pay for it on installment basis.

Speaking of installment, did you know that you can finally enjoy a Buy Now, Pay Later scheme when you shop at Taiga?

How to Avail of Shop Now, Pay Later at Taiga

Step 1: Shop at Taiga website.

Visit the Taiga Philippines website, which you can also access by clicking this link.

Browse through the assortment of products shown in the website. Once you find what you need, click the item and then click Add to Cart.

Step 2: Checkout and Shipping Details

As soon as you’re done, click the shopping cart located at the rightmost corner of your window. A new window will appear and then click Proceed to Checkout.

Thereafter, you will be asked to complete your shipping details. This will also be used to compute how much is the shipping fee.

Step 3: Payment Method

Taiga offers various modes of payment. This includes Cash on Delivery, payment through remittance centers like Bayad Center and SM Payment Center, and bank-to-bank transactions whether online or over-the-counter.

Not everyone has the financial capacity to buy what they need, especially at the time of pandemic. The good news is Taiga offers installment payment through BillEase.

For your payment method, click Loan Application and then choose BillEase. Thereafter, click Place Order.

Step 4: DragonPay Payment Method

You will be directed to the DragonPay online payment site. Choose BillEase as your source. Then, click Select.

Sample interface only.

Step 5: BillEase Payment

Thereafter, you will be directed to secure BillEase Payment Checkout.

Sample interface only.

Make sure that you already have a BillEase account to be able to enjoy the installment plan. Otherwise, you can download the BillEase app for free at the Google Play Store or App Store.

Click this link for a step-by-step procedure on how to register with BillEase.

Step 6: Loan Terms

Navigate the button to set your loan term and repayment frequency. You will also notice that as you navigate the button, the payable amount will automatically reflect. This will give you an idea as to how much you will pay every month.

Sample only.

Once you’re satisfied, click Next. Take note that at this step, the loan is NOT YET final.

Step 7: Confirm Loan Application

This next step is the final step. You will see a copy of the Loan Contract (Promissory Note) and Disclosure Statement.

Sample only

Pay attention to this and make sure to read the fine print. This contains important loan details such as loan term, due date, schedule of payment, and interest and penalty fees.

A four-digit one-time password will also be sent to your registered mobile number. To finalize and confirm your loan, input the OTP sent to you. At this point, the loan can no longer cancelled. Payment will be credited to Taiga and in return, the item will be delivered to you.

The Shop Now, Pay Later scheme is an effective tool to help thousands of unbanked Filipinos to avail of credit with minimal requirements possible. Make sure to pay your loan obligation on time because BillEase highly values payment behavior.

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