A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Top Up Your PayMaya Using BillEase

Digital transactions are in demand now, more than ever. Since the pandemic showed no signs of slowing down and the possibility of transmitting the virus through exchange of money is high, many Filipinos are starting to embrace the beauty of digital banking.

When it comes to digital banking, one name is familiar to many: PayMaya.

PayMaya offers the following services:

  • Bills payment
  • Prepaid loading
  • Online shopping through PayMaya virtual card
  • Money transfer

To be able to do these services, you need to ensure that your PayMaya account has sufficient funds.

How can you top up your PayMaya account? With the help of BillEase, of course. The best part is you can pay for the amount on installment basis, thereby making payment easier and more convenient for you.


Step 1: Register With BillEase

You need to have a BillEase account so you could top up your PayMaya account. Registration is free and easy.

For a detailed guide on how to register with BillEase, click this link.

Step 2: GCash Top Up

Once you’re logged in to BillEase, click Top Ups. Then choose Gcash.

Then, choose the top up amount you want to purchase. In this case, you can borrow as much as P5,000.

Step 3: Payment

After clicking the desired amount, you will be brought to a new window to finalize your loan terms.

Navigate the button for the installment term and repayment frequency. When you’ve finalized the loan terms, click Buy Now.

Step 4: Loan Confirmation

Take time to review the details of your loan. To confirm, click Yes.

Thereafter, a copy of the Loan Contract and Disclosure Statement will appear on your screen. Read through this as well because these documents indicate the terms concerning the amount borrowed.

Click Confirm. BillEase will now credit the borrowed amount to your GCash account, which you can now use to top up your PayMaya account.


Now that you have sufficient amount in your GCash account, you can also transfer that to PayMaya. Just make sure you have a verified GCash account to enjoy this service.

Once your GCash account is ready, you can send amount to your PayMaya account in two steps:

Step 1: Transfer Process

Log-in to your GCash account. On the landing page, click Bank Transfer.

Then choose View All.

Scroll down and look for PayMaya Philippines, Inc.

Step 2: Send Amount

Input the amount you wish to transfer and then click Send Money.

Money won’t be automatically sent to your PayMaya account. Review the details first and then click Confirm. In less than one minute, you will receive a confirmation that money is being transferred to your PayMaya account.

Transferring of money will only take few seconds. You can also check your PayMaya account to confirm that the amount is transferred.

Given the process, why top up your PayMaya account through BillEase?

PayMaya offers tons of services at everyone’s convenience. Because of the pandemic, many people are embracing the beauty of digital banking. Apparently, not everyone has extra money to spare or can easily transfer money to PayMaya.

By topping up your account through BillEase, you can enjoy doing transactions digitally and worry about payment at a later time through the PayLater scheme. This is a service that banks don’t offer.

More importantly, you can assign longer term loan to make repayment easier and more convenient for you without incurring delay on paying expenses at home.

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