Where Is My Lazada Wallet Top-Up? Answering Your Questions

How to request for Lazada wallet top-up

Looking for your Lazada Wallet Top-Up? Don’t know when it will arrive? Don’t fret, we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll be answering those questions and more to help you guys decipher the mystery of the Lazada Wallet Top-Up.

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That BillEase receives hundreds (thousands) of inquiries and applications every day is neither an exaggeration nor a joke. Since its inception exactly a year ago (greet us happy birthday, please!), we’ve experienced a tremendous boom in our business – thanks to all of you!

Going through our mail, we’ve noticed that one of the most frequently asked questions concerns the Lazada Wallet Top-Up. And while we’ve tackled the issue of activating and using your Lazada Wallet Top-Up in a previous article, it’s high-time we tackle a totally different issue.

“Where is my Lazada Wallet Top-Up? When will it be sent to me? How come I can’t find it in my account?”

Alright. Time to investigate!

Requesting for a Lazada Wallet Top-Up

The first step in getting your top-up is requesting it. When your BillEase application gets approved, you will be given a credit limit – your maximum allowable loan amount in BillEase. How much will your credit limit be?

It depends on you, really. It depends on the documents you submitted and your financial records as well. Whatever it is, you’ll find out as soon as your application has been approved. (Read: How Does BillEase Work?)

Requesting for your Lazada Wallet Top-Up is very easy. First, make sure you have an activated Lazada Wallet log in to your BillEase account. Click the “Claim Now” button and you will be transferred to another page and here you can configure the details of your loan.

Once you’re satisfied with the terms of your loan, you can confirm and sign the contract via OTP.

Waiting for your Lazada Wallet Top-Up

Now comes the waiting part. Arguably, this is the hardest part for most of our customers. Some think that their top-ups will be available in an instant as soon as they request for it. Some think it will take just a few hours.

But did you know we actually have an established top-up release schedule that is closely coordinated with Lazada? And barring any delays or technical difficulties from both Lazada’s and our end, we will stick to our schedule?

You read that right. Here, have a look at our schedule:

billease lazada wallet schedule

And don’t worry; should there any delays, we’ll make sure to announce it on our Facebook Group so you’ll be the first to know of any developments on the issue. Make sure you join our community, though!

We’ll also send you an email notification once your voucher is ready.

So there you go! No need to panic, just follow these helpful tips and you won’t experience any hassle in waiting for your top-up from BillEase.

Got anymore questions? Sound off on the comments below!

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