BillEase Partners with Lazada Wallet for Better, Faster Transactions

BillEase Lazada E-Wallet

Great new things are coming to BillEase!

We’re excited to announce that BillEase is partnering up with the Lazada Wallet system to give our customers better, faster, and more convenient transactions.

If you have been an avid and long-time Lazada customer, you might have heard of the Lazada wallet. One of the latest addition to Lazada’s many features, the Lazada wallet allows customers to purchase items from the site via a digital wallet.

With the wallet, you can pay for all your Lazada purchases with just a click of a button! Sounds convenient, no?

The digital wallet is inside your Lazada account. Once activated, you can load up your Lazada wallet through several methods:

  • Over-the-counter – 7-Eleven branches nationwide
  • Bank Deposit – BDO, Metrobank, and BPI 
  • Online Bank transfers – BDO, Metrobank, and BPI 

Now you might be asking, where does BillEase come into this? Glad you asked!

A New and More Convenient Installment Method

Now that BillEase has partnered with the Lazada Wallet, your online shopping experience is now bound to be a breeze. That’s because we’re combining BillEase’s easy installment method with Lazada’s new and more convenient payment method!

With the Lazada Wallet, waiting time is faster. You can now receive your BillEase top-up funds in just one banking day!

Paying for your purchases is also breezier with Lazada Wallet one-click payment method. And in the unfortunate case that your Lazada order gets returned or canceled, your refunds will be processed and deposited to your e-wallet in just 24 to 48 hours.

Isn’t that neat?

But wait. Did we mention that your Lazada Wallet funds do not expire?

You read that right. Unlike your BillEase voucher, your e-wallet funds will not expire. So you can use it anytime you want and however, you want.

And now that you no longer have to enter a BillEase voucher code to avail of your BillEase installment plan, you can even use different voucher codes for an additional discount!

How To Request for A BillEase Top-Up for Your Lazada Wallet.

Requesting for a BillEase Top-Up is as easy as requesting for a BillEase voucher code. Allow us to walk you through the process.

But before anything else please remember to activate your Lazada Wallet! You won’t be able to proceed if your wallet is deactivated. Click here for instructions on how to get it activated.

First, log in to your BillEase account. Click the “Avail Now” button and you will be transported to the installment options page. 

From here, you can tweak your installment options from the amount, terms, and repayment frequency. Notice that the DEFAULT availment method is the Lazada wallet. But you can also choose the cash loan feature, if available.

Click the link for the Lazada Wallet. Choose your Lazada email and enter your Lazada password in the field provided. You can proceed if your wallet account is activated. If it isn’t, you will need to log in to your Lazada account and activate your e-wallet from there.

Click “Claim Now”. Carefully confirm your terms as well as your contact details to continue.

Wait for your the OTP code we’ll send via SMS. Sign your BillEase contract via the OTP code.  Then you’re good to go! See, we told you this is easy.

Got questions? Check out our BillEase Top-Up FAQ here.

Have you activated your Lazada Wallet yet? Why not give this feature a spin and tell us what you think? We’re excited to hear from you!

8 thoughts on “BillEase Partners with Lazada Wallet for Better, Faster Transactions

  1. I’m having problems logging in my lazada account from the login screen in the settings. It keeps saying something went wrong.

    1. Hi Vince!

      Apologies for this. Our system just experienced a little hiccup on the Lazada login. Can you kindly check your account again? Thank you!

  2. Ive tried the 2k loan. It was approved but i am having trouble searching for it. Where did it go? I tried checking my lazada wallet, my account in bill ease. It just said that my 2k is approved. But theres no instruction how or where i can get or use it

    1. Hi Jimmy!

      Upon checking, you were unable to finish your request for a Lazada Wallet top-up. Were you able to input the OTP to digitally sign your contract? In any case, as per our system, your OTP has expired and you can once again request for a Lazada Wallet top-up. Once requested, it will reflect on your Lazada Wallet in 2-3 banking days. Thank you.

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