Buying Smart: 5 Features You’d Want Your Wireless Speaker to Have

5 features of good wireless speaker

Buying a wireless speaker isn’t exactly fun or exciting if you don’t know what and how to buy. But the key is actually very simple: get to know what’s important to you. Knowing where and how you want to use your wireless speaker will also dictate what you’d want to buy.

So what’ll it be? We gathered five important features of a wireless speaker – let’s discuss them below.


In our previous article, we talked about the different forms and types of wireless speakers. Let’s take our journey to buying wireless speakers a step further, then.

In this article, we’ll discuss the features that your new wireless speaker ideally have. Which ones are most important for you? Which ones can be considered as “mere add-ons”?



example of portable wireless speaker

We live in a fast-paced world nowadays. It’s important then for most people that they be able to take their music anywhere – the kitchen, the sea, or even up the Mt. Everest if they want it to be.

If you’re among these people, then portability is one feature that should be a non-negotiable feature for you.

Portable speakers are usually small, compact, and light, with designs that allow for better grip and easy placement.

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There are different types of portability, however, and it’s best to take this into consideration when buying wireless speakers. If you’re a more of an outdoors person and plan to use your portable wireless speaker for outdoors activity, you may want to get one that:

  • will not only give you great sound quality in open spaces but also
  • has enough durability to stand nature’s elements.



5 Features You'd Want Your Wireless Speaker to Have

We’ve mentioned durability above, so let’s talk about it some more.

If you want to buy a portable wireless speaker, it has to be durable as well. After all, what’s the use of bringing your speaker everywhere if one wrong move and you’ll break it?

When buying wireless speakers, you may want to go for something that is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. This goes for both the body and the speakers themselves.

Degrees of durability will increase as the price increase as well. So if you’re expecting to take your wireless speaker to an off-the-road adventure, you’ll have to be prepared to pay for the kind of quality you want.


Network Capability

A portable wireless speaker sounds good, but not everyone is in the market for one. For some people, buying wireless speakers mean having multiple speakers in separate rooms. Plus points, of course, if it can be controlled via one single point.

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What you need in this case is wireless speakers with advanced network capabilities. Something that can connect multiple speakers and can support a wide range of distance.

Ideally, they should also be capable of playing audio from multiple sources such as:

  • your mobile gadget,
  • your computer’s hard drive,
  • a network storage,
  • or even an external hard drive.

You will also need something that will give you top-notch audio quality. Models that offer more bass than your standard wireless speaker will also give you a better listening experience.


Smart Speakers

5 Features You'd Want Your Wireless Speaker to Have

The emergence of smart speakers is relatively new, pioneered by Amazon Echo. The technology is fairly new. But it offers a slew of features  that can’t be found in your average wireless speaker.

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These include sports and weather updates, online shopping help (via Amazon, of course), and an impressive wireless audio quality it gives via its 360-degree driver ring.

The only caveat is that the Amazon Echo is not yet available in the Philippines. So far, there aren’t any brands that offer similar technology either.

But will we see more of this technology in the future? Definitely!


Standalone Centerpiece

Let’s say you’re buying wireless speakers with a total sound solution in mind. Still, you don’t want complicated multiroom features and don’t mind sacrificing portability in the process. For this, standalone centerpieces is a great option for you.

These babies take minimal spaces as they’re standalone but the good ones will fill your room with amazing sound quality. If you live in a small house or are looking for a wireless speaker that’s easy and uncomplicated, this one is a great choice to have.

You can even take them out of the house once in a while. Most standalone wireless speakers are powerful enough to entertain visitors in, say, outdoor picnic or casual barbecue party with friends.


And there you have it: five different features that you may want to consider when buying a wireless speaker. Which ones do you think your wireless speaker should have? Are you eagerly waiting for smart speakers to arrive in the Philippine shores?

Let’s talk in the comments section!

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