The Pros and Cons of Buying a Smart TV – Is It Worth the Hype?

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Smart TV

Is a Smart TV worth the massive hype it’s currently in? Is it worth splurging your entire payday check on? In this article, we get the lowdown on this amazing piece of technology and list the pros and cons of buying a Smart TV.


At first, they were tagged as a revolutionary technology. But as time passed by, Smart TVs have seemingly become a part of more and more homes around the globe.

And why not? Smart TVs provide a great alternative experience for TV viewing. It is also a great way to stay connected and it definitely beats watching videos on your phone or tablet by a long mile.

Alas, nothing is ever perfect and a Smart TV is definitely not exempt. So before you get overly excited, let us first discuss the pros and cons of buying a smart TV. Is it truly worth the hype and its massive price tag?

Let’s find out.


Browsing the Internet via Smart TV

Smart TVs allow users to connect to the internet via an internet browser installed in your TV. So aside from watching TV and playing games, you can also check your emails, browse through social media accounts, and access various streaming services.

The Pro: You can make use of your Smart TV in more fun ways than one. With all of the internet within your reach, who needs an expensive cable subscription?

The Con: Your TV will need a strong WiFi or ethernet connection in order for its capacities to be fully maximized.

Most, if not all, applications and streaming services available in your Smart TV are only accessible through the Internet and you might have to take this into consideration.


Easier, Better Screencasting

Screencasting is a feature that, though not unique to Smart TVs, has been made easier and better through its modern technology.

The Pro: Through WiFi connection, you can project whatever is on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone to your big screen. No need to buy a projector!

The Con: Without an Internet connection, you won’t be able to connect your device to your Smart TV for screencasting. This can easily be circumvented, however, by using an HDMI connector instead. Simply make sure that your Smart TV supports multiple connectivity options.


A Slew of Available Apps

Popular applications and services supported by the most common Smart TVs include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and even Pandora.

You can also download and integrate other apps such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Youtube. You can also download a number of different games on your Smart TV.

The Pro: Arguably the best thing about buying a Smart TV is the slew of available apps you can tinker around and play with. They offer you endless options and opportunities – the Internet is your playground, my friend!

The Con: Different brands of Smart TVs support different applications and services. The operating system also varies from TV to TV so chances are, user experience will also vary.

Before buying a Smart TV, it’s best to check which apps and services are supported by your preferred brand.

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Manage All Your Accounts in One Place

With a Smart TV, you can sync and manage your application and service accounts in one place.

The Pro: Your Smart TV functions much like a smartphone, where you can do a hundred different things a hundred different ways. Except Smart TVs have bigger and better resolutions – 1080p, baby!

The Con: Ultimately, the biggest issue is privacy. Several issues have been raised over time regarding the security of Smart TVs, with “white-hat hackers” demonstrating different ways how customer privacy can be compromised.

Smart TVs can also track your user activity – the sites you visit, the information you share, and any business you conduct – much like any PC and smartphone do. Netflix, for instance, takes note of your viewing habits and use this to recommend other related content to you.

It is best to err on the side of caution: avoid sharing accounts and regularly change your passwords. It is also best to avoid doing sensitive business such as online shopping, online banking, and the likes on your Smart TV altogether.


Buying a Smart TV is definitely a huge investment, considering their steep price. Ultimately, whether you should get one is a battle between pros and cons of buying a Smart TV.

And now that you know the different advantages and disadvantages of owning a Smart TV, are you still up for it? Are there any issues we might have missed? Let’s discuss!

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