Buying Furniture Online: The Good, The Bad, and Our Verdict

Thinking of buying furniture online? Just so you know, there are many pros and cons in purchasing your latest home furnishings via online shopping sites. So before you click that “Checkout” button, allow us to give you a bit of guidance and dissect the pros and the cons of buying furniture online.


Depending on whether you’ve been living under a rock after all this time, you may or may not have heard that online shopping is one of the newest craze right now. In fact, I’m not even sure that the term “craze” still applies to it as online shopping has undeniably become the new norm on how purchase their needs and whims.

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And yes, nowadays, you can also buy furniture alongside clothes, makeup, and gadgets in an online shopping sites. And whether you’re moving to a new home or looking to refurbish your current one, you might be thinking of buying furniture online.

Why not? It will not only save you time and considerable effort, you can also get amazing discounts if you’re lucky!

But like any financial decision, buying furniture online deserves some careful thought and consideration. So in this article, allow me to give you the lowdown – the good, the bad, and our verdict.

Let’s begin!



So Many Choices

The moment you visit an online shopping site (say, Lazada Philippines), you will be confronted with a huge selection of furniture from different brands and sellers. These selections cover everything you might be looking for – from living room furniture to bedroom to kitchen and dining and decor!

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Benefits of buying furniture online


Comparing Prices is a Piece of Cake

Because of the wide array of brands and sellers available in just one online shopping site, you have a buttload of information available at the tip of your fingers.

With this information, you can easily compare prices between brands and sellers and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible when buying furniture online.


Shopping Minus all the Hassle? Possible!

Okay, show of hands: who here thinks going to an overcrowded mall to look for furniture options is an amazing way to spend your weekend (your god-given rest day)?

Let me guess. None of us do, right? Thankfully, the option of buying furniture online gives us the choice of doing all our shopping duties in the comforts of our home (possibly in our pajamas while drinking our afternoon tea).

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An Abundance of Customer Reviews

Before buying furniture online, you have the advantage of reading customers to confirm the quality of the product you’re eyeing and the integrity of the seller you’re dealing with. With these reviews, you can steer clear of inferior-quality products, fake furniture, and online scammers.


Better Deals and Special Discounts

Lazada PH daily promotions banner
Lazada employs numerous sales and deals that are refreshed on a daily basis so there’s a lot to look forward to!


Because they don’t and keep a physical store (which costs tons of money) and tend to have more customers, most online shopping sites can afford to give better deals and special discounts to their customers. This is great news for everybody, particularly if you’re on a tight budget!



Too Many Choices?

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. And in the case of buying furniture online, the wide selection of choices can be quite overwhelming for some. For some, it might be hard to find furniture that appeals to their needs and expectations. For some, the huge amount of choices can prove to be an irresistible temptation of spending way more than their budget allows them to.


What You See is What You Get? Not Exactly.

Imagine falling in love with a particularly good-looking sofa set on an online shopping site. In your mind, this sofa will add much pizzazz to your newly-painted and newly decorated living room. And it’s affordable too! So you buy the sofa without further hesitation only to find out, come delivery time, that the real thing looks nothing like the advertised one.

What a nightmare, right?

Unfortunately, this is a common instance when buying furniture online. Sadly, there are less-than-moral people out there who would willingly trick people for profit. And unlike in physical shops, you cannot inspect the product prior to purchasing it.


Inaccurate, Misleading Reviews

Everyone is allowed to their own opinions, and sometimes we can’t help but rely on other people’s opinions when buying anything online through customer reviews. But sometimes customer reviews can be inaccurate at best and misleading at worst. Sometimes, other people’s standards and aesthetics just don’t match your own.



Is buying furniture online a good idea or should you steer clear of the concept altogether? In my honest and humble opinion, the pros of online shopping far outweigh the cons.

And if you really want to, there are great ways you can counter the disadvantages of buying furniture online through careful consideration, doing proper research and comparisons, and imposing strict limitations on yourself.

So go on ahead! With a little help from guides such as this, you’re sure to be an online shopping pro in no time.

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