Buying Smart: 5 Best Gaming Smartphones Under 10k

BillEase Buying Smart 5 Best Gaming Smartphones Under 10k

So what are some of the best gaming smartphones when you’re on a budget? Is there a wide range of options to choose from? Let’s go through BillEase’s list of the 5 Best Gaming Smartphones Under 10k and find out!


The processing power of smartphones nowadays has allowed users to level up from playing simple games like Bounce (who else here remembers that?) and Candy Crush to more hardware-intensive games such as the famous Mobile Legends.

But first, let’s discuss what you ought to be looking for when buying a new gaming smartphone.

GPU – this stands for the Graphical Processing Unit. Its main purpose is to render the 3D graphics of your games. The stronger your GPU is, the better your game graphics will be displayed on your screen.

CPU – or Central Processing Unit. Your CPU is in charge of executing your smartphone’s computer programs. Powerful CPUs will allow your games (and your phone in general) to run smoothly and efficiently without experiencing any lags.

Battery Life – Phones with generous battery lives will allow you more gaming time! It will also help you multitask because we all know you’re not going to use that smartphone solely for gaming purposes, right?

RAM – or Random Access Memory is a short-term digital storage for computers, smartphones included. It holds all data in all your active applications. More RAM means you can do more with your smartphones simultaneously!

Screen Display/Resolution – How else are you going to see your games in its full splendor?

You’re probably thinking that with so many requirements, the best gaming smartphones would probably cost you an arm (and maybe a leg as well).

But fear not! Nowadays, there are a great number of smartphones that are powerful enough to get you get your game on – even under a budget!

Here are some of your options:


Meizu M3E

Available in Lazada for ₱6,799

Battery life is easily the star of the show when it comes to the Meizu M3E. With a decent 3,100mAh battery capacity, it is more than enough to power through the M3E’s Helio P10 CPU and Mali T860 GPU.

BillEase Meizu M3E 5 Best Gaming Smartphones Under 10k

Speaking of its CPU and GPU, what is impressive about the Meizu M3E is it managed to put an upper-midrange setup and fit it into a smartphone under 10k! RAM is also sizeable at 3GB.

As for its display, the Meizu M3E boasts of a 5.5-inch full HD display with a 2.5D curved glass. This perfect mix of features definitely makes the Meizu M3E one of the best gaming smartphones for people on a budget.


Doogee MIX

Available in Lazada for ₱8,995

Potential is probably the Doogee MIX’s last name, with Helio P25 CPU paired with the Mali T880 GPU. This combination gives you a crisp and snappy performance for your games even in the highest settings. And with its massive 6GB RAM, multitasking is never an issue.

BillEase Doogee MIX 5 Best Gaming Smartphones Under 10k

Perhaps the only downside is the display. The resolution is quite low at 1280 x 780. Colors also seem to be a little on the oversaturated side.

Despite this, the Doogee MIX performs well by all other standards and deserves to be considered as one of the best gaming smartphones under 10k!


Oppo A39

Available in Lazada for ₱9,990

As a successor to the A37 and an almost exact copy of the F1, the Oppo A39 is a moderately powerful smartphone that can take on graphic-intensive games smoothly.

BillEase Oppo A39 5 Best Gaming Smartphones Under 10k

It is powered by an MT6750 CPU and a Mali T860 GPU. Completing its hardware puzzle is a quite generous 3GB RAM allocation. With this setup, the Oppo A37 won’t have any problems running your games under medium settings.

At ₱9,990, the Oppo A39 might be considered as a little expensive but do take note it is also a killer selfie smartphone aside from being a gaming smartphone!

So if you’re keen on hitting two birds with one stone, this smartphone is definitely right for you.


Nokia 5

Available in Lazada for ₱9,990

Critics often point out that the Nokia 5 is the “awkward sibling” among the bunch. Released alongside Nokia 3 and Nokia 6, it is neither as well equipped as the 6 nor as cheap as the 3.

BillEase Nokia 5 5 Best Gaming Smartphones Under 10k

Still, the Nokia 5 is still one of the best gaming smartphones under 10k on the market today. Its build is of good quality with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 for CPU and an Adreno 505 GPU. The 5.2-inch display, though a little small, contains 720 pixels and produces crisp and clear images. Its battery life is decent too at 3000 mAh.


Cloudfone Next

Available in Lazada for ₱9,999

Local smartphones get so much flak sometimes but look closely at the Cloudfone Next and you’ll see it does pack a solid punch.

BillEase CloudFone Next 5 Best Gaming Smartphones Under 10k

For one, it is equipped with a Snapdragon 430 CPU and an Adreno 505 GPU. It also comes with a hefty 4GB RAM that allows gamers a lag-free gaming experience and without any drops in the frame rate.

The Full HD IPS Display is excellent. Images are crisp and clear with good contrast and decent color saturation. This, paired with a 3,000 mAh battery life, makes the Cloudfone Next a practical day-to-day phone and one of the best gaming smartphones under 10k on the market today.

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With this list, you are more than ready to start shopping for your next gaming smartphone! And as we always say here in BillEase, owning a competent gaming smartphone does not have to put an unreasonable dent in your wallet.

Has anything on this list caught your eye? Head over the Lazada Philippines and start browsing through your options. Don’t forget to use your BillEase voucher for an easy and hassle-free shopping experience!

Happy shopping, folks!


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