Should You Buy Smartphone via An Installment Plan?

Buy Smartphone via An Installment Plan BillEase

Real talk: should you buy smartphone via an installment plan? With so many options out there in the market, it can be difficult to make sense of the fine prints. So in this article, let’s square up the facts and discuss the pros and cons of buying your smartphone via an installment plan.

It is a common sentiment nowadays that buying smartphones used to be pretty straightforward a few years back. And it’s true! Back then, consumers have two simple options to choose from: postpaid and prepaid.

What is being left out, of course, is that these two methods are “straightforward” only for those who have money to burn. To illustrate, let’s briefly dissect these two payment methods.


Prepaid Plans

Availing a prepaid plan is probably the most straightforward of method out there. You go to a store, pick out the phone of your choice, pay for it, and voila! A new, shiny smartphone is already in your hands.

But imagine if the phone of your choice is the newest, shiniest flagship phone currently on the market. Say you want to buy the newest iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 – is your wallet ready for a five-digit cashout?

Probably or probably not. The biggest concern with prepaid plans is that it requires you to shell out a huge amount of cash upfront with no way to divide the cost into sizeable, easier-to-pay chunks.

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Postpaid Plans

For most people, availing a postpaid plan is the most logical payment method for buying a smartphone. You go to a carrier of your choice, choose a plan that works for you, and you get a new smartphone of your choice either for free or with a minimal cashout.

A pretty simple process, true. And it can be quite flexible too! Most of the newest flagship smartphones are available via most networks plans, alongside other budget smartphones as well.

One huge concern on postpaid plans, however, is that they tie consumers to one phone and carrier network for quite a period of time. Most networks have 18-24 months of tie-in period that you’ll have to pay for if you want to have it severed earlier.

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A Smart and Easy Way of Buying Smartphones

Buying smartphone via an installment plan has been around for quite some time but it is only in the recent years that we are seeing a surge of popularity in its favor.

The main advantage of buying your next smartphone via an installment plan is its ease of payment. With installment plans, you can break down a big sum of your purchase into manageable chunks through a staggered payment method.

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This way, you can enjoy your new smartphone without putting a painful dent in your wallet.

So how do you start?


Introducing BillEase: Hassle-Free Installment Plans For Your Lazada Purchases

BillEase is an easy, hassle-free, and 100% online service. It is one of the newest payment partners of Lazada Philippines that provides installment plans for all your Lazada purchases.

With BillEase, you can buy your smartphone of choice via a hassle-free installment plan – no need for credit cards or co-makers!

The process is very simple as well! To start, simply go to and fill out the short application form. Submit the required documents (proof of billing, proof of income, and valid government ID) and wait for BillEase to confirm your application.

Once approved, you can now request a voucher code that you can use in Lazada to pay for your purchases.

You can find out more about BillEase and its application process by clicking here.

You can also learn more about how to use your voucher code via this post here!

Or you can watch this handy video guide below.


Whether you choose to buy your next smartphone via prepaid, postpaid, or via an installment plan, make sure to take into consideration not only your needs but also your ease and convenience.

With BillEase, we strive to give you a blissful shopping experience accompanied by easy billing.

Happy Shopping!

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    1. As of the moment, we doesn’t have promo for Smart Phone. But if you apply for BillEase and once approved we can disburse your credit limit to your lazada wallet. At Lazada you can already buy smart phone within your credit limit and pay us on installment 🙂

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