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BillEase PSA: Don’t Get Scammed!

 Some scammers are pretending to be BillEase agents or staff and are calling/messaging customers who posted their loan concerns in our FB group or other social media. Be careful and vigilant! Wag magpa-scam!

1. Be careful when posting your contact details online. Scammers have ways in getting your mobile number and email address such as by visiting your Facebook profile page. When you need to provide your account details, make sure to do it privately. And if you have account-related concerns or questions, best is to email us at

2. We will NEVER ask you to change your BillEase app PIN as well as your PIN for other apps such as GCash,, etc. The same way that we will never ask you to provide your log in details, password, authentication code, or OTP.

3. When someone ask you to change your contact details for any reason such as so your credit limit will increase or cash loan will be activated in your account, DON’T. They will steal your account and your money. Our staff will NEVER ask you to add their mobile or email your contact details.

4. Our staff can’t help you increase credit limit, activate cash loans, multi-loans. These are system-generated and our staff does not have access to it. Anyone who promises to unlock these features is trying to scam you.

5. Only make payments via the Pay Now function in BillEase App. All our official payment methods and accounts are listed there.

Stay safe!

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