Google Play Protect

Some users of our android app received a warning from Google Play Protect today that BillEase app is potentially harmful and spying on their device. We are working with Google to understand and resolve this warning.

The warning seems to affect older versions of our app, so can update (or uninstall and re-install) to the latest version. Alternatively, all features are available at our website and you can login with the same user details there:

The warning message has alarmed many users, so we want to stress that we do NOT access or ask for permission for very sensitive data such as SMS messages, call history or audio recordings as stated in the message. For photos our algorithms use only metadata but not actual photos. Also no data breach or hack has occurred.

We take data privacy and protection very seriously and we want to make sure your data works for you. We do collect and use data on your phone to facilitate automated credit approvals and to protect your account and combat fraud – an issue that has become only more prevalent during the pandemic. Based on our understanding this data collection may have triggered an algorithm or review at Google Play to issue this warning.

We disclose this data collection and use prominently and the granting of permissions is optional. Most importantly we never use your data for unethical collection practices or other illegal purposes.

Please also refer to our Privacy Policy for more details: