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Own Your First Electric Scooter From Urban Origins PH

What is your preferred mode of transportation? Ideally, you will have your own car since it is safer and more convenient. The reality is cars can be expensive and will require you to shell out hundred thousands before you can own a car.

Motorcycle can be a good option but then again, although cheaper than car, it will require thousands of pesos as well. You can go for a bicycle since it is more affordable or you can try an electric scooter.

Electric scooters are distinct from the scooters you used during the 90s and 2000s. These scooters are unmotorized, which means you need your feet to be able to move.

Electric scooters comes with a battery, electronics, larger and air-filled tires, and an electric motor. Although electric scooters are designed in a way where riders stand on deck, some manufacturers offer seats for additional price.

So, where can you buy an electric scooter? Try Urban Origins PH. The best part is you can even get a brand-new electric scooter and pay for it on installment basis with the help of BillEase.

But first, who is Urban Origins PH?

Urban Origins PH is a brand under SnapTec Gadgets. So far, it has eight variants:

The next question is this: can you really get an electric scooter for your convenience?

The answer is YES.

Before you say pass, here’s a treat for you: you can now get your very own Urban Origins PH electric scooter and pay for it on installment with the help of BillEase.

Here’s how:

Step 1: BillEase Registration

Before anything else, make sure you signed up with BillEase to facilitate your application. No worries because signing up is easy and won’t require tons of documents.

You can sign up by downloading the BillEase app for free on Google Play Store or App Store or through the BillEase website.

Don’t forget to upload your documents like government-issued ID, proof of billing, and proof of income.

Step 2: Shop At Urban Origins PH

Unfortunately, customers cannot directly shop at their website but you can order through their Facebook page.

Browse through their page and inform Urban Origins PH representative on which scooter you wish to purchase.

What if you weren’t able to sign up with BillEase? That’s okay.

Send them a message and provide them with your:

Urban Origins PH will submit your information with BillEase for account creation.

Step 3: Installment Confirmation and Downpayment

This is the next step once your account was created.

Take note that downpayment is required upon approval by BillEase. Down payment is pegged at 34 percent or 1/3 of the retail price.

For instance, if you plan to got Scout electric scooter (price is P19,500), then you need to make a downpayment amounting to P6,630. The rest of the amount will be distributed equally for six months for your monthly installment.

Take note that the downpayment will be paid upfront by the customer to BillEase.

Tips To Remember Before You Apply:

Are you ready to own your first electric scooter?

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