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How to Buy Now and Pay No Interest Rates or Fees EVER

The “Buy Now Pay Later” (BNPL) payment method is not new in the market, but in the age where online shopping has become more of a necessity, BNPLs have also proven their use as a convenient way to purchase items without breaking the bank.

As in many things, BNPLs do offer both pros and cons, and one of those cons are the interest rate and other fees that might be included in the arrangement. While most BNPLs offer low interest rates, these fees may still rack up in the long run.

But we in BillEase believe that customers’ convenience is the most important factor in every transaction. That is why we are putting into the spotlight a new payment method that will allow customers to buy now and pay later with no interest rates or additional fees EVER.

How is that possible? 

Through our Pay Later option.

What is Pay Later?

Have you ever wanted to buy something but realized you don’t have enough onhand cash to do so? That you will have to wait until payday to purchase what you need or want? But what if it’s something you urgently need to purchase or there is an ongoing sale that is too good to pass?

The Pay Later option is designed for customers who may require full or additional funding for a certain purchase. It may be that you don’t have the cash on hand for the purchase and it might be that you don’t want to touch your savings for the purchase. 

But that’s where Pay Later can help.

BillEase’s Pay Later option allows you to use your BillEase credit limit to purchase any item from our partner merchants for up to a certain amount and pay it in full on your next payday. Right off the bat, you will see that this is different from our usual installment payment option.

But the difference does not stop there. With Pay Later, you will not be charged any interest rates or additional fees EVER. This means you will only have to pay the exact amount you loaned and nothing else. 

Exciting? Read on to find out how to avail this payment method. 

How to Pay Later with BillEase?

STEP 1: Browse through our merchant’s extensive catalogue of products and services. Once you’re done, proceed to checkout.

STEP 2: Choose BillEase as your payment method. You will be redirected to the BillEase login page where you can access your account.

You will also receive an email reminder from the merchant to complete your payment with BillEase. 

STEP 3: Login to your BillEase account and choose “One-time payment” as your payment method.

Here you can see the total amount of your payment due and its due date. 

If you don’t have a BillEase account yet, you can sign up from here as well!

STEP 4: Confirm your payment by signing our contract with the OTP that will be sent to your registered mobile number. 

And you’re done! Your payment details will be sent to your registered email address, which you can review whenever you need. 

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or use our website’s chatbox to contact our customer service representatives.

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