How to Buy Now and Pay No Interest Rates or Fees EVER

The “Buy Now Pay Later” (BNPL) payment method is not new in the market, but in the age where online shopping has become more of a necessity, BNPLs have also proven their use as a convenient way to purchase items without breaking the bank.

As in many things, BNPLs do offer both pros and cons, and one of those cons are the interest rate and other fees that might be included in the arrangement. While most BNPLs offer low interest rates, these fees may still rack up in the long run.

But we in BillEase believe that customers’ convenience is the most important factor in every transaction. That is why we are putting into the spotlight a new payment method that will allow customers to buy now and pay later with no interest rates or additional fees EVER.

How is that possible? 

Through our Pay Later option.

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