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Urban Gadgets: Your One-Stop Shop For Lifestyle Gadgets

Back in the day, cameras and photography, in general, are those for who can afford it. If you cannot buy those lenses that could capture even the tiniest pores, then getting into photography or even videography is impossible.

Not anymore.

Thanks to technology and easier access to merchants, unleashing your creative side is more convenient. You can visit various websites to get your supply of camera, accessories, and even drones.

Speaking of website, Urban Gadgets PH is the best place to be.

Whether you’re looking for action camera, digital storage, gear protection, and even travel essentials, it has everything you need.

But first, who is Urban Gadgets PH?

It all started in the early 2000 in Aracadia, Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Because of the changes in the market and people slowly embracing technology, the owners decided to open a one-stop shop that offers a wide selection of gadgets and accessories at affordable prices.

As of this writing, the company now has three branches and continuously aim to become the leader in retail technology and outdoor lifestyle industry. They carry brands such as Transcend, JBL, GoPro, Bose, and DJI among others to give quality products to their consumers.

With the increasing demand in online shopping, Urban Gadgets PH decided to set up their website to be able to reach out to their growing customers easily.

Here’s an even more exciting part: you can pay for your purchases on installment.

Excited? Here’s how you can get your favorite items from Urban Gadgets PH and pay for them on installment with the help of BillEase.

Step 1: Registration

This is the first thing you need to do is to register by creating an account with both Urban Gadgets PH and BillEase.

For Urban Gadgets PH, you can register using your Google or Facebook account. This will only take less than a minute.

For BillEase, you can register either by downloading the app on Google Play Store (Android users) or App Store (iPhone users) for free. You can also register directly on the website.

Step 2: Start Your Shopping

Urban Gadgets PH is a home to tons of products. Whether you’re looking for an action camera, digital storage, fitness and travel essentials, mobile filmmaking and photography, or drones, Urban Gadgets PH have it for you.

Browse through their wide selection and once you find what you need, click the item, and then click Add to Cart.

Step 3: Checkout

Once you’re ready to pay for your items, click the basket icon located on the rightmost part of the screen. Then click Checkout.

You will be redirected to the Checkout page. Fill out the necessary details such as your name, shipping address, and other contact details. If you have a coupon code, then input the code as well.

In case the item/s will be shipped to a different address, make sure to tick the Ship to a different address box.

Step 4: Mode Of Payment

Urban Gadgets PH also offers variety of payment channels to make it easier for consumers. This includes GCash, Paypal, Credit card, Debit card, and bank transfer.

For your payment method, choose Pay With BillEase.

Don’t forget to tick the checkbox wherein you agree with the website’s Terms and Conditions. Then click Place Order.

This will lead you to BillEase Secured Checkout Page.

Step 5: BillEase Checkout Page

At this point, make sure you have a BillEase account. If not, then you can create an account by downloading the BillEase app from Google Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for iPhone users). You can also register directly at the BillEase website.

You can also sign in directly at the secured BillEase Checkout page.

After creating an account, return to the BillEase Checkout page and then log-in.

Step 6: BillEase Loan Terms

Once you logged in, you can start configuring your loan terms.

Installment term could go as long as 12 months with repayment frequency of either once or twice a month. Simply toggle the button to give you an idea on how much your installment amount will be depending on the loan terms.

Then, click Next.

At this point, cancellation is still allowed.

Step 7: Loan Confirmation

Sample only

The Loan Agreement will be displayed on your screen. Make sure to read it because it includes:

Consequently, a one-time four-digit PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number. Once you input the PIN, this means you agree to the loan terms and confirmed your loan with BillEase.

Then, click Confirm.

When will your items be delivered?

As soon as possible. Once Urban Gadgets PH confirmed that your loan application with BillEase was approved, the company will ship the items you ordered straight to your doorstep.

Just don’t forget to pay your installment fee on time so you could qualify for bigger loans. Happy shopping!

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