BillEase Partners with Maria Health to Offer Quality, Affordable Healthcare

The past year has undoubtedly been a year of uncertainty. Among other things, it highlighted the need for unity, strength, and being prepared for uncertainties that we may come across. And one area that we need to prepare for is our health as well as our loved ones.

Maria Health was founded in 2015 to give Filipinos simple and easy access to healthcare. 

According to Maria Health, only 4% of Filipinos have healthcare and acquiring one requires going through a long and complicated process.

Through their website, customers can browse through top healthcare brands in the Philippines to find the best plan whether it’s for yourself, your loved ones, or your employees.

Maria Health offers customers two types of insurance plans: comprehensive and prepaid.

Comprehensive plans cover all-inclusive healthcare services, including emergencies, hospitalization, and preventive care. Through Maria Health’s comprehensive plans, you can also have access to your preferred HMO’s nationwide network of accredited doctors and hospitals, special rates, and cashless transactions. 

On the other hand, the prepaid plans allow access to your preferred HMO’s network of accredited hospitals and doctors but may be for one-time use only unless specified otherwise. 

Prepaid plans are flexible as it allows customers to choose the type of coverage best suited for them, may it be unlimited consultations, emergency care, or a combination of different services.


Having a comprehensive healthcare plan is one way to achieve financial freedom – something that BillEase is passionate about.

We have partnered with Maria Health to help make healthcare accessible to Filipinos by providing customers an easier and more flexible payment option. 

With BillEase, you can purchase your prepaid healthcare plans and split your payments in three equal installments with minimal interest rate and service fee.

You can also choose to fully pay your purchase on your next payday and enjoy zero percent interest and service fee! Simply select BillEase as your payment method and login to your BillEase account to continue with your payment. 

The past year may have been a year of uncertainty, but through careful planning and preparation we can face the future with more confidence and hope.

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