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Babymama Now Has Installment Payment Option

They say when it comes to your baby, “breast is best.” That’s true. Breastmilk, which is often dubbed as “liquid gold” has tons of benefits for both the mother and the baby.

Unfortunately, breastfeeding will not be a walk in the park. In fact, a lot of moms cannot fully commit to exclusive breastfeeding for variety of reasons – the need to go back to work, lack of milk supply, pain or discomfort, limitations on breastfeeding tools, and the list goes on.

Thankfully, Babymama was born.

What is Babymama?

It all started in 2009. Owner Mi’ann Oblea was looking for a breast pump that is both affordable and comfortable to use.

After doing her research, she found out that the quality breast pumps are effective but comes with a hefty price tag while the cheaper ones below P10,000 have “horrible reviews.”

She saw the need for an effective and economical breast pump that an average working mother can afford. She decided to look into Korean breast pumps, which gave the best of both worlds.

Instead of selling in malls, Oblea decided to start her own brand, Babymama, and maximized e-commerce platform. Since then, Babymama grew and expanded its product list.

Aside from being the exclusive distributor of Spectra (Korea) and Ameda (USA) brands, Babymama also has milk storage bags, lactation aids, wipes, toothpaste for kids, and other kids’ paraphernalia. There are also a lot of products available for moms like nursing bra and girdle.

What’s the catch? None! You just have to pay for your items through Babymama’s various payment channels and you’re good to go.

Speaking of payment channels, did you know that you can now pay for your Babymama purchases on installment?

Babymama, in partnership with BillEase, allows customers to Shop Now and Pay Later – hassle-free.

This leads you to your next question. How can you avail of this service?

Step 1: Registration

You need to register with both Babymama and BillEase to avail of the Shop Now, Pay Later scheme.

No worries because registration is fast and easy. For Babymama, all you need is an active email address and you’re good to go.

For BillEase, you need to provide personal information and relevant documents like government-issued ID. Information is needed for us to be able to properly assess your credit standing.

Step 2: Add To Cart

Once you’re done with the registration, you can start shopping. Choose the item you wish to buy and then click. Once the item is displayed on the screen, click Add to Cart.

You can continue shopping at the website. Once you’re ready to check out, click the grocery cart icon located on the rightmost part of the screen.

This will show your cart. You can update your cart by adding or removing items. Then, click Checkout Now.

Step 3: Shipping

You will be directed to the Shipping page. Babymama can deliver the items in your home or you can opt for pick up in any of Babymama’s branches in Metro Manila in case you want to save on shipping costs.

If you chose Ship to your Address, then fill out the shipping details.

Thereafter, click Proceed to Payment.

Step 4: Payment

Babymama offers various payment methods. You can pay through:

But if you want to give yourself some breathing room when it comes to expenses, then BillEase can help. Instead of paying all of your purchases in one go, you can avail of the installment plan that allows you to stretch payment terms for up to 12 months.

Click BillEase and then click Place Order.

You will receive an email from Babymama confirming your order.

Step 5: BillEase

A separate email will be sent by BillEase with the subject: Pay your Babymama Purchase on Installment with BillEase.

Make sure you already created an account with BillEase. If not, then click on the sign up link found on the BillEase email.

Check your BillEase account to see whether BillEase payment has been approved. Once BillEase payment is confirmed, Babymama will ship your order.

Take note of the payment terms and due date of your BillEase loan. BillEase takes note of customers with excellent payment behavior, which means the prompter your payments, the higher possibility of getting an increase in your loanable amount.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping for baby and momma needs with Babymama.

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