Urban Gadgets: Your One-Stop Shop For Lifestyle Gadgets

Back in the day, cameras and photography, in general, are those for who can afford it. If you cannot buy those lenses that could capture even the tiniest pores, then getting into photography or even videography is impossible.

Not anymore.

Thanks to technology and easier access to merchants, unleashing your creative side is more convenient. You can visit various websites to get your supply of camera, accessories, and even drones.

Speaking of website, Urban Gadgets PH is the best place to be.

Whether you’re looking for action camera, digital storage, gear protection, and even travel essentials, it has everything you need.

But first, who is Urban Gadgets PH?

It all started in the early 2000 in Aracadia, Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Because of the changes in the market and people slowly embracing technology, the owners decided to open a one-stop shop that offers a wide selection of gadgets and accessories at affordable prices.

As of this writing, the company now has three branches and continuously aim to become the leader in retail technology and outdoor lifestyle industry. They carry brands such as Transcend, JBL, GoPro, Bose, and DJI among others to give quality products to their consumers.

With the increasing demand in online shopping, Urban Gadgets PH decided to set up their website to be able to reach out to their growing customers easily.

Here’s an even more exciting part: you can pay for your purchases on installment.

Excited? Here’s how you can get your favorite items from Urban Gadgets PH and pay for them on installment with the help of BillEase.

Step 1: Registration

This is the first thing you need to do is to register by creating an account with both Urban Gadgets PH and BillEase.

For Urban Gadgets PH, you can register using your Google or Facebook account. This will only take less than a minute.

For BillEase, you can register either by downloading the app on Google Play Store (Android users) or App Store (iPhone users) for free. You can also register directly on the website.

Step 2: Start Your Shopping

Urban Gadgets PH is a home to tons of products. Whether you’re looking for an action camera, digital storage, fitness and travel essentials, mobile filmmaking and photography, or drones, Urban Gadgets PH have it for you.

Browse through their wide selection and once you find what you need, click the item, and then click Add to Cart.

Step 3: Checkout

Once you’re ready to pay for your items, click the basket icon located on the rightmost part of the screen. Then click Checkout.

You will be redirected to the Checkout page. Fill out the necessary details such as your name, shipping address, and other contact details. If you have a coupon code, then input the code as well.

In case the item/s will be shipped to a different address, make sure to tick the Ship to a different address box.

Step 4: Mode Of Payment

Urban Gadgets PH also offers variety of payment channels to make it easier for consumers. This includes GCash, Paypal, Credit card, Debit card, and bank transfer.

For your payment method, choose Pay With BillEase.

Don’t forget to tick the checkbox wherein you agree with the website’s Terms and Conditions. Then click Place Order.

This will lead you to BillEase Secured Checkout Page.

Step 5: BillEase Checkout Page

At this point, make sure you have a BillEase account. If not, then you can create an account by downloading the BillEase app from Google Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for iPhone users). You can also register directly at the BillEase website.

You can also sign in directly at the secured BillEase Checkout page.

After creating an account, return to the BillEase Checkout page and then log-in.

Step 6: BillEase Loan Terms

Once you logged in, you can start configuring your loan terms.

Installment term could go as long as 12 months with repayment frequency of either once or twice a month. Simply toggle the button to give you an idea on how much your installment amount will be depending on the loan terms.

Then, click Next.

At this point, cancellation is still allowed.

Step 7: Loan Confirmation

Sample only

The Loan Agreement will be displayed on your screen. Make sure to read it because it includes:

  • Loan term
  • Installment fee and schedule of payments
  • Due date
  • Interest fee
  • Other charges in case of late payment

Consequently, a one-time four-digit PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number. Once you input the PIN, this means you agree to the loan terms and confirmed your loan with BillEase.

Then, click Confirm.

When will your items be delivered?

As soon as possible. Once Urban Gadgets PH confirmed that your loan application with BillEase was approved, the company will ship the items you ordered straight to your doorstep.

Just don’t forget to pay your installment fee on time so you could qualify for bigger loans. Happy shopping!

Motivo Tech Brings You Electric Scooter – With 0% Installment Interest

2020, particularly the first half of it, was among the worst in Philippine motorcycle industry – or any other industry. It was only during the third quarter when sales picked up and people became comfortable buying their own two-wheeled vehicle.

Instead of riding public transport, having your own bike, scooter, or motorcycle is more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective.

When it comes to two-wheeled rides, have you considered going for electric variants? After all, electric bike or scooter is:

  • Portable, which means you can bring it anywhere
  • Eco-friendly
  • Improves your balances
  • Promotes movement as opposed to sitting on a bus or train

The good news is Motivo Tech offers electric bike and scooter, depending on your needs.

Who is Motivo Technology?

Motivo is a company that offers electric bikes and scooters. Made with German technology using high quality German standard components, their products were indeed, engineered for the future.

As of this writing, Motivo Tech offers two products:

Motivo Ninja Pro Electric Scooter (P38,950.00)

This product is small and portable, which means you can easily bring it anywhere.

Product features include:

  • 150-kilograms load capacity
  • Top speed of 45 km/hr
  • 50km maximum range
  • Charging time of four to six hours
  • Anti-slip pad
  • Explosion-proof battery with Full Protection Safety System to ensure that it is safe to use anytime, anywhere
  • Powerful dual disc brakes
  • Durable with easy folding mechanism
  • Headlight and stepboard with LED bar
  • Digital display including all controls
  • 10-inch pneumatic tires that are also explosion-free
  • High-grade shock absorber

Motivo Motion X Electric Bike (P25,950.00)

If you’re more into motorcyle, then this variant is for you. This electric bike has the following features:

  • Top speed of 35 km/h
  • 45km maximum range
  • Load capacity of 150kg
  • Charging time of 4 to 6 hours
  • Protection against overcharging through Motivo Intelligent Energy Saving Charger
  • Back to back shock absorption
  • High traction Motion XVacuum tires to endure wear and tear
  • Ergo-optimized seat cushion for added comfort
  • Equipped with Anti-Theft lock system
  • German innovation brushless motor to be able to withstand long usage
  • Explosion-proof battery for added protection
  • Water-resistant unit that can withstand drizzles and minor climate changes
  • Anti-slip step board
  • LED driving lights to make driving at night more comfortable
  • LED digital display
  • Spacious compartment

Both units come with a two year warranty to ensure that you get the proper customer service whenever you need it.

Given the prices, is there a way that you can get your hands on any of these vehicles without breaking the bank? The answer is YES.

Motivo recently partnered with BillEase to be able to offer the latter’s Shop Now, Pay Later facility. Even without a big budget, you can still avail Motivo’s Electric Bike or Scooter under 0% Installment Promo.

How does the BillEase Installment work?

The Motivo x BillEase partnership allows you to:

  • Apply for installment online
  • Enjoy 0% interest rate
  • Divide the payment into six equal monthly installments with no interest

Take note that before you apply, there will be 34 percent down payment or cash out, which must be paid before delivery.

How to apply for 0% Installment promo?

Step 1: Shopping

Choose between Electric Scooter or Electric Bike according to your needs. Then, click Add to Cart.

A small window on the right side of the screen will appear. Click Proceed to Checkout.

Step 2: Personal and Shipping Information

Fill in the details needed, especially the shipping information. Then, click Continue to Shipping.

If you’re from Metro Manila, then delivery is free. Otherwise, please contact the company first if they can deliver.

Then, click Continue to Payment.

Step 3: Payment Confirmation

Motivo has few payment options – DragonPay or Cash on Delivery (available for Metro Manila customers).

Through their partnership with BillEase, you can now pay for your purchases on installment. Simply click BillEase and then click Complete Order.

Step 4: Secured BillEase Checkout

Once you clicked Complete Order, you will be redirected to BillEase’s secured checkout site. Log-in to your BillEase account or in case you don’t have one yet, you can create an account.

Sample only. The screen will look like this with Motive Tech as the merchant

Don’t worry. It will only take a few minutes. Just make sure you have a valid government-issued ID, proof of billing, and proof of income on hand since these requirements are needed when registering with BillEase.

After BillEase registration, log-in using your BillEase account. Navigate the buttons to configure loan terms.

Sample only.

Take note that at this point, BillEase installment is NOT yet final.

Step 5: Loan Confirmation

BillEase will now show a copy of the Loan Agreement and Disclosure Statement. Take time to read this because it contains the following details:

  • Loan term
  • Maturity or due date
  • Schedule of payment
  • Interest rate
  • Penalty fees and other charges in case of default or non-payment
Sample Loan Contract only

A four-digit OTP code will also be sent to your registered mobile number. Once you input the code, it will confirm your order and finalize the loan. Take note that you can no longer cancel your loan application at this stage.

Upon confirmation from BillEase, Motivo will now ship your order.

Are you ready to say hello to your brand new ride?

BillEase Partners with Maria Health to Offer Quality, Affordable Healthcare

The past year has undoubtedly been a year of uncertainty. Among other things, it highlighted the need for unity, strength, and being prepared for uncertainties that we may come across. And one area that we need to prepare for is our health as well as our loved ones.

Maria Health was founded in 2015 to give Filipinos simple and easy access to healthcare. 

According to Maria Health, only 4% of Filipinos have healthcare and acquiring one requires going through a long and complicated process.

Through their website, customers can browse through top healthcare brands in the Philippines to find the best plan whether it’s for yourself, your loved ones, or your employees.

Maria Health offers customers two types of insurance plans: comprehensive and prepaid.

Comprehensive plans cover all-inclusive healthcare services, including emergencies, hospitalization, and preventive care. Through Maria Health’s comprehensive plans, you can also have access to your preferred HMO’s nationwide network of accredited doctors and hospitals, special rates, and cashless transactions. 

On the other hand, the prepaid plans allow access to your preferred HMO’s network of accredited hospitals and doctors but may be for one-time use only unless specified otherwise. 

Prepaid plans are flexible as it allows customers to choose the type of coverage best suited for them, may it be unlimited consultations, emergency care, or a combination of different services.


Having a comprehensive healthcare plan is one way to achieve financial freedom – something that BillEase is passionate about.

We have partnered with Maria Health to help make healthcare accessible to Filipinos by providing customers an easier and more flexible payment option. 

With BillEase, you can purchase your prepaid healthcare plans and split your payments in three equal installments with minimal interest rate and service fee.

You can also choose to fully pay your purchase on your next payday and enjoy zero percent interest and service fee! Simply select BillEase as your payment method and login to your BillEase account to continue with your payment. 

The past year may have been a year of uncertainty, but through careful planning and preparation we can face the future with more confidence and hope.

Babymama Now Has Installment Payment Option

They say when it comes to your baby, “breast is best.” That’s true. Breastmilk, which is often dubbed as “liquid gold” has tons of benefits for both the mother and the baby.

Unfortunately, breastfeeding will not be a walk in the park. In fact, a lot of moms cannot fully commit to exclusive breastfeeding for variety of reasons – the need to go back to work, lack of milk supply, pain or discomfort, limitations on breastfeeding tools, and the list goes on.

Thankfully, Babymama was born.

What is Babymama?

It all started in 2009. Owner Mi’ann Oblea was looking for a breast pump that is both affordable and comfortable to use.

After doing her research, she found out that the quality breast pumps are effective but comes with a hefty price tag while the cheaper ones below P10,000 have “horrible reviews.”

She saw the need for an effective and economical breast pump that an average working mother can afford. She decided to look into Korean breast pumps, which gave the best of both worlds.

Instead of selling in malls, Oblea decided to start her own brand, Babymama, and maximized e-commerce platform. Since then, Babymama grew and expanded its product list.

Aside from being the exclusive distributor of Spectra (Korea) and Ameda (USA) brands, Babymama also has milk storage bags, lactation aids, wipes, toothpaste for kids, and other kids’ paraphernalia. There are also a lot of products available for moms like nursing bra and girdle.

What’s the catch? None! You just have to pay for your items through Babymama’s various payment channels and you’re good to go.

Speaking of payment channels, did you know that you can now pay for your Babymama purchases on installment?

Babymama, in partnership with BillEase, allows customers to Shop Now and Pay Later – hassle-free.

This leads you to your next question. How can you avail of this service?

Step 1: Registration

You need to register with both Babymama and BillEase to avail of the Shop Now, Pay Later scheme.

No worries because registration is fast and easy. For Babymama, all you need is an active email address and you’re good to go.

For BillEase, you need to provide personal information and relevant documents like government-issued ID. Information is needed for us to be able to properly assess your credit standing.

Step 2: Add To Cart

Once you’re done with the registration, you can start shopping. Choose the item you wish to buy and then click. Once the item is displayed on the screen, click Add to Cart.

You can continue shopping at the website. Once you’re ready to check out, click the grocery cart icon located on the rightmost part of the screen.

This will show your cart. You can update your cart by adding or removing items. Then, click Checkout Now.

Step 3: Shipping

You will be directed to the Shipping page. Babymama can deliver the items in your home or you can opt for pick up in any of Babymama’s branches in Metro Manila in case you want to save on shipping costs.

If you chose Ship to your Address, then fill out the shipping details.

Thereafter, click Proceed to Payment.

Step 4: Payment

Babymama offers various payment methods. You can pay through:

  • Bank deposit via BDO or BPI
  • GCash
  • Credit card
  • Cash on Delivery
  • GrabPay

But if you want to give yourself some breathing room when it comes to expenses, then BillEase can help. Instead of paying all of your purchases in one go, you can avail of the installment plan that allows you to stretch payment terms for up to 12 months.

Click BillEase and then click Place Order.

You will receive an email from Babymama confirming your order.

Step 5: BillEase

A separate email will be sent by BillEase with the subject: Pay your Babymama Purchase on Installment with BillEase.

Make sure you already created an account with BillEase. If not, then click on the sign up link found on the BillEase email.

Check your BillEase account to see whether BillEase payment has been approved. Once BillEase payment is confirmed, Babymama will ship your order.

Take note of the payment terms and due date of your BillEase loan. BillEase takes note of customers with excellent payment behavior, which means the prompter your payments, the higher possibility of getting an increase in your loanable amount.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping for baby and momma needs with Babymama.