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Your Animezing Toys And Collectible Made Payment Easier Through Buy Now, Shop Later

They say toys are only for kids. This is not entirely true. Toys can cater to anyone, regardless of age. In fact, there is a store dedicated for those who are kids-at-heart.

Say hello to Animezing Toys and Collectibles.

What is Animezing Toys and Collectibles?

Animezing is a store that sells everything toys and collectibles. You can find your favorite anime characters and even Marvel paraphernalia.

Products include:

Apart from toys and collectibles, Animezing also have products such as boardgames, plush toys, diorama, keychains, mugs, and tamagotchi.

Don’t get too excited. Not all toys and collectibles sold in Animezing come with an affordable price tag. In fact, you will find lots of products that are within the thousands range.

Still, don’t feel bad. The good news is you can now pay for your purchases on installment basis.

How is this possible? Through BillEase.

Note: An account with BillEase us a must. Make sure you signed up with BillEase first and then register. You can also download the BillEase app in Google Play Store (for Android users) or Apple Store.

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to shop now at Animezing and pay for those purchases later:

Step 1: Browse the Animezing website.

Visit the Animezing Toys and Collectible website or click this link. This link will lead you automatically to the Animezing website.

Once you’re in the website, you can now go shopping. Animezing offers a variety of toys and collectibles of your favorite anime or fictional characters.

Make sure you created an account with Animezing. You can easily do this by filling out the registration page.

When you found what you’re looking for, click the item. Then click Add to Cart.

Step 2: Check Out

Once you’re done shopping, click the basket icon located at the upper right of the screen.

Then click Check Out.

Step 3: Personal Information

Now that you checked out and confirmed your order, fill out the personal information form. This information will be used in calculating the shipping fee.

Step 4: Shipping Information

Make sure to check the address on the Shipping Information. Thereafter, choose your shipping method.

If you live in Metro Manila and you prefer faster delivery, then choose delivery via Grab or Lalamove. Otherwise, click Delivery – Nationwide via Cliqnship.

After choosing shipping method, click Continue to Payment.

Step 5: Payment Method

Animezing offer variety of payment options to pay for your purchases. You can opt for:

If you prefer the Shop Now, Pay Later scheme wherein you can pay for your purchases on equal installments, then click BillEase.

Then click Complete Order. You will receive an email confirming your order.

Step 6: BillEase Installment Plan

You will get an email confirmation from BillEase. At this point, make sure you registered with BillEase. Otherwise, you can check this post for a step-by-step procedure on how to register with BillEase.

After you logged in, configure your installment plan. You will notice that as you navigate the button, you will see how much you will pay every installment schedule.

Step 7: Loan Confirmation

You will see a copy of the Loan Contract. Read through it because it contains essential information such as loan term, installment schedules, interest rate, and due date among others. Take note of this to ensure that you will pay on time.

A four-digit OTP will also be sent to your registered mobile number. Input the said code to finalize your loan.

Step 8: Payment Form

Go back to the Animezing website and click Payment Form. You can also access it here.

Fill out the form as proof that you paid for the item/s. Make sure to click Full Payment. Then click Submit so Animezing can start processing your order/s.

Tips to Remember when Applying for Shop Now, Pay Later

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