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There’s a reason why malls are a favorite destination by many people. It is a one-stop shop for everything you need – grocery, home decor and appliances, kids’ clothes and toys, health and beauty products, and the list goes on. Because of the pandemic, people are wary of going to the mall. As a result, more and more resorted to online shopping to avoid going out.

Here’s the thing: most online stores cater to specific brands only. If you’re eyeing multiple brands, you have to hop from one website to another to place an order. This means paying multiple shipping fees, too.

Then comes

What is is a one-stop shop of everything everyone needs. Spearheaded by the country’s leading tech innovators, Intellismart, this online platform for retail aims to make products more accessible to Filipinos.

It has everything you need – literally:

  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Health and Beauty
  • Home and Lifestyle
  • Babies and Toys
  • Automotive and Motorcycles
  • New Normal Essentials
  • Pet Supplies
  • Grocery Items

You can find a variety of products under these categories simply by browsing its website. The best part is that you can enjoy Storkbucks.

The Storkbucks Program are store credits that you earn every time you make a purchase from the website or successful referral. 1 Storkbuck is equivalent to P1.00, which you can use to pay for the items you bought.

Speaking of payment, there are several payment methods available in In case you are looking for installment option, the good news is the online platform recently partnered with BillEase that allows you to pay for the items in three equal installments at 3.49 percent monthly interest rate.

How can you avail of this payment method? Here’s how:

Step 1: Registration

Visit the website to create your own account. Take note that you need to have an active mobile number since you will need it to verify your account.

You also need to create an account with BillEase to qualify for the Shop Now, Pay Later scheme. You can also download the app at Google Play Store (Android users) or App Store (iPhone users) for free.

Step 2: Shop Now –

After registration, it’s now time to do your shopping. carries a wide variety of products to cater to your needs. Simply click the item and then click Add To Cart.

Whenever you’re ready to pay, click Checkout.

Step 3: Order Confirmation

Fill in the shipping information and confirm your order details.

For the payment method, choose BillEase and then click Continue.

You will be directed to a secured BillEase payment checkout after clicking Confirm.

Step 4: BillEase

At this point, you are now at BillEase’s checkout window. Toggle the button for the installment term, which is maximum of three months, as well as the cash-out amount. As you navigate the button, you will see the installment amount below.

Then click Login to continue and confirm your loan application and then click Confirm.

Take note that at this stage, the loan is not yet final.

Step 5: Loan Confirmation

On the next window, you will see a copy of the Loan Agreement as well as a Disclosure Statement. This indicates the terms of the loan such as –

  • Installment term
  • Installment amount
  • Repayment frequency
  • Schedule of payment
  • Other corresponding fees like penalty fee and late charges

A four-digit one-time PIN (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Input the OTP and then click Confirm.

Sample only

At this point, you can no longer cancel your loan because your loan is confirmed.

Take note of the schedule of payment as well as the payment channels. Keep in mind that BillEase values timely payments from its clients. Prompt payments increases your chances of getting higher credit limit. This will make it easier for you to apply to other BillEase partner merchants.

Are you ready to go shopping?

Get Your E-Kicks E-Scooter Now, Pay Later Through BillEase Installment

Public transport is heavily affected as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As of this writing, the government relaxed the rule from “one meter apart” to “one seat apart” in public utility vehicles, thereby allowing up to 50 percent passenger capacity. This relaxed rule will be able to accommodate more passengers.

Here’s the thing: Covid-19 is still there and there is still a possibility that you can get it because of minimal social distancing. Buying a car or a motorcycle can be a good option but with the status of the economy and uncertainties in employment, you have to think twice (or thrice!) if it is worth the risk.

There’s another option without breaking the bank: electric scooter or e-scooter. It is more affordable, more economical, and much safer than riding public transport. Plus, it’s also good for the environment because it does not contribute to pollution.

Here comes the best part: you can skip the horrendous commute and pay for your e-scooter on installment basis.

Where can I buy an e-scooter?

E-scooters are available in the market. If you want quality product that allows you to pay on installment basis, then E-kicks Electric Scooter is your best bet.

E-kicks is a local distributor of portable, emission-free, and commute-friendly scooter. It is also foldable, lightweight, and portable, thereby making it easier for you to bring anywhere you go. What makes e-scooter more valuable is that instead of riding public transport, this is a good alternative to commuting and going around the city.

You don’t have to worry about after-sales service, too. E-kicks has local Parts Support and Service Center in case of replacement and repair.

Can you afford to buy an e-scooter? The answer is yes.

Features Of Shop Now, Pay Later With BillEase x E-Kicks

  • Zero percent Annual Percentage Rate
  • Payable up to six monthly installments
  • Various repayment channels like, 7-11 stores, Cebuana, or direct bank transfer
  • Upfront cash payment required
  • Free helment
  • Six months warranty

How to Apply For The Installment Plan

Before anything else, make sure you already have an account with BillEase. If you haven’t signed up, then you can apply directly through the website or download the app in Google Play Store (Android users) or App Store (iPhone users) for free.

Now that you have a BillEase account, it’s time to inform E-kicks about your intention to avail of the installment scheme through their social media page. In return, E-kicks will ask you to submit the following documents:

  • Valid government-issued ID
  • Latest proof of income such as payslip
  • Any proof of billing

Make sure to send clear copies of the said documents. These requirements will help E-kicks verify your identity as a borrower and capacity to pay.

Once you pass the initial evaluation, E-kicks will send you a link for online application. The landing page will look like this:

BillEase x E-kicks Promo Page

Don’t forget to inform E-kicks about the model you can buy. This way, they can send you a quotation as well as the required cash out amount.

Below are the product prices for reference with corresponding upfront cash payment in parentheses and the payable amount every month:

  • T9 version 2 – 18,000 (P6,120) – For only P1,980 monthly*
  • T2 version 2 – 15,000 (P5,100) – For only P1,650 monthly*
  • T2 version 1 – 12,500 (P4,250) – For only P1,375 monthly*

Going back to the online application page, you can configure installment amount, cash out, and repayment frequency. You will also notice the changes in the installment amount as you configure your loan terms.

After clicking Apply Now, customer receives a payment instruction via SMS or email regarding the procedure on cash out. You can pay through various payment channels like direct bank transfer to BillEase, 7-11, or Cebuana among others.

Take note that upfront payment is required before E-kicks can fulfill and deliver your order. Once confirmed, E-kicks will now deliver the product (free within Metro Manila) or you can opt for pick-up in Makati.

Eco-friendly. Commuting Made Easy. Payable On Installment. What else are you waiting for?

You can also learn more about E-kicks Electric Scooter here.

*Subject to change without prior notice

Shop For Gaming Needs At Game One, Pay Later With BillEase

Video games have been around for decades, giving people a different kind of entertainment.

In the Philippines, gaming has been so popular that there are numerous events showcasing gamers from all over the country. In 2019 alone, there are 43 million gamers who spent $572 million on games (1). This makes the Philippines one of the biggest markets in the world and a key driver in Southeast Asian games market.

Mobile games are most popular, but there are still many who play using their computers and/or gaming consoles. When it comes to your gaming needs, Game One could be your best friend.

Who is Game One?

Previously Game One Gadget, Game One Tech Store is a retailer of games, gadgets, and corresponding accessories in the Philippines. It started in 2006 as a retail shop of mobile phones and accessories in Greenhills. Because of the boom in the gaming industry, Game One decided to venture in this market and since then, the growth was exponential.

As of this writing, Game One carries gaming consoles like Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox, and Play Station as well as their corresponding games. PC peripherals and parts are likewise sold in their website.

Here’s the thing: how much will it cost you to purchase the items?

Worry no more because Game One partnered with BillEase, which means you can now pay for your purchases on installment basis.

How can you avail of this service? Read the steps below.

Step 1: Shop At Game One

Visit the Game One website, which you can also access by clicking this link. Make sure you create an account first to facilitate checkout easily.

Once you’re in the website, browse through the wide array of products. Click the item and then click Add To Cart.

As soon your item is added to cart, you can either Continue Shopping or Go To Checkout.

Step 2: Shipping Details

Fill out the shipping information including name, address, email address, and mobile number.

Step 3: Payment Method

There are several ways to pay for your purchases from Game One. You can pay through:

  • Paypal
  • Paynamics
  • Cash on delivery
  • Bank transfer through BDO and BPI
  • GCash
  • LBC Pera Padala
  • Palawan Express
  • Western Union

For the installment plan, choose BillEase.

Review your order and then click Continue Checkout.

Step 4: BillEase Payment

At this point, make sure you have an account with BillEase.

You will be redirected to BillEase’s Checkout page. You can choose between one and 12 months installment term, whichever is more convenient for you.

You can also toggle the Cash Out section in case you don’t want to borrow the entire amount. As you do this, you will see below how much is your monthly installment.

Thereafter, choose your preferred Repayment Frequency. It can be once or twice a month, depending on paying capacity. Then, click Next.

Take note that during this stage, the loan application is not yet final and can still be cancelled.

Step 5: Loan Confirmation

Sample Loan Agreement only

In the next window, you will see a copy of the Loan Agreement, which indicates loan terms and penalty clauses among others. You will also see the Disclosure Statement showing the installment schedule every month. Make sure to read through these documents carefully.

Then, input the four-digit OTP sent to your registered mobile number. Click Confirm.

At this point, your loan is being reviewed and processed. Upon approval, it will reflect in your Game One account and just wait for the item/s to be delivered in your doorstep.

Despite the ease and convenience, it is important to borrow carefully and wisely. Do not borrow more than what you can actually pay and make sure to pay on time. BillEase values good and timely payment behavior from clients. This means you will be able to qualify for higher amount next time, too.

Your Animezing Toys And Collectible Made Payment Easier Through Buy Now, Shop Later

They say toys are only for kids. This is not entirely true. Toys can cater to anyone, regardless of age. In fact, there is a store dedicated for those who are kids-at-heart.

Say hello to Animezing Toys and Collectibles.

What is Animezing Toys and Collectibles?

Animezing is a store that sells everything toys and collectibles. You can find your favorite anime characters and even Marvel paraphernalia.

Products include:

  • Funko
  • Action and action scale figures
  • Statue or resin figures
  • Mecha such as action toys, flame toys, and robot spirit
  • Kits
  • Designer toys like Mighty Jaxx and QUICCS

Apart from toys and collectibles, Animezing also have products such as boardgames, plush toys, diorama, keychains, mugs, and tamagotchi.

Don’t get too excited. Not all toys and collectibles sold in Animezing come with an affordable price tag. In fact, you will find lots of products that are within the thousands range.

Still, don’t feel bad. The good news is you can now pay for your purchases on installment basis.

How is this possible? Through BillEase.

Note: An account with BillEase us a must. Make sure you signed up with BillEase first and then register. You can also download the BillEase app in Google Play Store (for Android users) or Apple Store.

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to shop now at Animezing and pay for those purchases later:

Step 1: Browse the Animezing website.

Visit the Animezing Toys and Collectible website or click this link. This link will lead you automatically to the Animezing website.

Once you’re in the website, you can now go shopping. Animezing offers a variety of toys and collectibles of your favorite anime or fictional characters.

Make sure you created an account with Animezing. You can easily do this by filling out the registration page.

When you found what you’re looking for, click the item. Then click Add to Cart.

Step 2: Check Out

Once you’re done shopping, click the basket icon located at the upper right of the screen.

Then click Check Out.

BillEase Installment

Step 3: Personal Information

Now that you checked out and confirmed your order, fill out the personal information form. This information will be used in calculating the shipping fee.

Step 4: Shipping Information

Make sure to check the address on the Shipping Information. Thereafter, choose your shipping method.

If you live in Metro Manila and you prefer faster delivery, then choose delivery via Grab or Lalamove. Otherwise, click Delivery – Nationwide via Cliqnship.

After choosing shipping method, click Continue to Payment.

Step 5: Payment Method

Animezing offer variety of payment options to pay for your purchases. You can opt for:

  • Bank deposit via BDO or BPI
  • Gcash
  • Palawan Express

If you prefer the Shop Now, Pay Later scheme wherein you can pay for your purchases on equal installments, then click BillEase.

Then click Complete Order. You will receive an email confirming your order.

Step 6: BillEase Installment Plan

You will get an email confirmation from BillEase. At this point, make sure you registered with BillEase. Otherwise, you can check this post for a step-by-step procedure on how to register with BillEase.

After you logged in, configure your installment plan. You will notice that as you navigate the button, you will see how much you will pay every installment schedule.

Step 7: Loan Confirmation

You will see a copy of the Loan Contract. Read through it because it contains essential information such as loan term, installment schedules, interest rate, and due date among others. Take note of this to ensure that you will pay on time.

A four-digit OTP will also be sent to your registered mobile number. Input the said code to finalize your loan.

Step 8: Payment Form

Go back to the Animezing website and click Payment Form. You can also access it here.

Fill out the form as proof that you paid for the item/s. Make sure to click Full Payment. Then click Submit so Animezing can start processing your order/s.

Tips to Remember when Applying for Shop Now, Pay Later

  • Before anything else, register with BillEase and Animezing. Don’t worry because registration is easier and will only take few minutes.
  • Make sure that the email address you used in registering with Animezing and BillEase are the same.
  • Borrow responsibly.
  • Payment behavior is one of the biggest considerations BillEase looks into. When you pay according to schedule, it will be easier to increase your credit limit.