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The BillEase Kickstarter: An FAQ

Our goal in BillEase is to financially empower Filipinos to achieve their dream purchases without any hassles. This goal is the main reason behind our philosophy of approving applications from individuals who have otherwise non-traditional or informal sources of income.

Unfortunately, as much as we would like to, we cannot approve of each and every application we receive. 

And yet, we in BillEase believe in saying “Yes!” So we have devised a way with which customers can build a relationship with us by creating a new feature: The .

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. 

What is the BillEase Kickstarter?

There are times when we are unable to approve a BillEase application. 

We cannot disclose the specific reasons for each disapproval, but suffice to say it involves one’s credit history and the assessment of the information they have submitted to us. 

To help with this, we’re green-lighting a new feature called BillEase Kickstarter, which grants a smaller credit limit for certain applicants to help them kickstart their credit history with BillEase. 

With a Kickstarter account, new customers can also get to know our features better.

What can I do to build a good credit history with BillEase?

Building a good credit history with BillEase requires availing our loans and paying them on time. 

For Kickstarter accounts, this means paying the exact amount due every payday. 

In time, your credit limit will increase and you can take advantage of other disbursement methods BillEase has to offer, such as GCash top-up, Lazada Wallet disbursement, Pay with BillEase, and even our cash loan! 

Did you know? BillEase is also a member of Credit Information Corporation (CIC) and other credit bureaus. So you are not just building a history with us, but also with banks and other financial institutions.

How much can I avail with a Kickstarter Account?

Much like with a full BillEase loan, the credit limit you can avail depends on several different factors. Because of this, we cannot say for certain how much credit limit we will be able to give you.

How can I avail of my Kickstarter Limit?

Simply log in to your BillEase account and click “Avail Now”. In the next screen, you need to indicate the loan amount, the repayment frequency, and the disbursement method that you prefer. 

Sign your contract and wait for your BillEase loan to be credited to your account.

Where can I use my Kickstarter Limit?

Micro-approved customers can use their loans to avail of mobile load and gaming top-ups!

How much is the interest in a Kickstarter Loan?

Kickstarter Loans have zero percent payment interest. Awesome, right?

Will my account be approved as soon as I pay off my first Kickstarter Loan?

Not necessarily. As mentioned above, you will have to establish a good credit history with us before we can grant you a full credit limit. 

Take heart, though! Because every transaction you have with us allows us to get a better glimpse of your payment capabilities and your commitment to faithfully fulfilling your loans.

Can I pay my Kickstarter Loan in advance?

Yes, of course! We highly encourage customers to pay in advance if they can do so. 

How can I pay for my Kickstarter Loan?

There are different ways you can pay for your BillEase loans. Online methods include using, GCash, and Paymaya, while offline methods include bank transfer, 7-Eleven, Cebuana Lhuillier, and MLhuillier. 

What if I cannot make a payment on my due date?

If you are having financial difficulties and cannot make payments on time, please contact us and we will try to work out a payment schedule that works for you.

However, it would be remiss of to not remind our customers that a Php 50 per day penalty will be imposed on missed payments.

And as the goal of the BillEase Kickstarter Account is to help customers build a good credit history, we highly encourage you to avail only if you are sure you can responsibly take the commitment of having a loan.

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