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Pay For Your Flowerstore Purchases With BillEase

In the time of pandemic, how do you show your love to your special someone?

Covid-19 did put a halt on everyone’s plans, including birthday celebrations, weddings, and anniversary getaways. Still, this doesn’t mean there is no reason to celebrate and enjoy the day. You can still show your love and appreciation by sending gifts through

Who is

Lauded as the number one flower delivery in the Philippines, offers specially crafted flower bouquets and gift boxes for your loved ones to suit any occasion. They also have edible food arrangement service, gift boxes for men (alcohol included), and partnered with companies like Red Ribbon for their Bundle Deals.

Aside from these, also has non-flower products like Home and Living accessories and fashion items. You can even shop for grocery essentials so you don’t have to go out for your supply run.

Speaking of partnership, did you know that is among BillEase’s partner merchants?

Now, you can send flowers and gifts to your favorite people and worry about payment later through the Shop Now, Pay Later scheme. This will make shopping easier and more convenient for you even without a credit card.

Here’s how to apply:

Step 1: Shopping at

Start shopping at and choose among the variety of products available. Click the item you wish to purchase and then click Add to Cart.

If you’re done with shopping, click Proceed to Checkout. Otherwise, you can still continue shopping in the website until you’re ready to pay for your purchases.

Step 2: Information

Fill out order details including delivery date, time, and message. Then click Proceed.

Thereafter, fill out your shipping information. You will also see the shipping cost, if applicable. Then click Continue.

Step 3: Payment offers variety of payment options including credit card, Paypal, bank deposit, or cash on delivery.

For the payment option, click Pay by Installment. Then click Complete Order. This will redirect you to the BillEase website so you can choose your installment plan.

Step 4: Application

Navigate the arrows and apply depending on your needs. As you navigate the order value and installment term, you will see how much you need to pay per month.

Click Apply Now. BillEase representatives will review your application.

Step 5: Loan Contract

You will be notified immediately if your application is approved or not.

If approved, read the Loan Contract and Disclosure Statement. This indicates the details of your loan as well as the schedule of payment.

Sample Loan Contract

Tick the checkbox and click Confirm or Submit. A four-digit one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Once you input this, it signifies the start of your loan.

Take note that at this point, your obligation now is with BillEase, which you have to pay according to the schedule.

As for, PAID status will be reflected in your account and simply wait for delivery.

Tips To Remember When Applying In

Now, you can send the gift of flowers or gift boxes with less hassle and more convenient. Who says you have to go out of the house to make your special someone feel loved?

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