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How to enjoy BillEase during the community quarantine

You’re probably reading this from the comfort of your homes. The spread of COVID-19 is real and will likely continue creating new challenges for most of us. Whether you’re a blue collar worker or high-ranking public official, everyone needs strict social distancing.

At BillEase, we’re not distancing from you simply because our priority is to ensure that you can continue building your future. That’s why you can easily avail loans anytime and Pay with BillEase at our select merchant partners even during the quarantine. It’s non-stop. We’re here for you.

Now, you are probably concerned about settling your payments and we know you’ve read some of our social media announcements but we’re bored like you so here’s how:

1. It’s easy to pay online through GCash, Coins.PH or Online Bank Transfer

There are two available payment options that will not require you to leave your home.

Option A. With online bank transfer, you can easily pay your loans directly to any of our bank accounts. You can transfer payment to any of the accounts below. Make sure to send a photo or screenshot of the payment confirmation at Confirmation can take up to 1 day but we always count the actual payment date, so no need to worry.

Our bank accounts are:

Account name: First Digital Finance Corp
Account number: 011290007371

Account name: First Digital Finance Corp
Account number: 8101 0064 77

Security Bank:
Account name: First Digital Finance Corp
Account number: 0000-001768-090

Always check information against our website, to make sure it is authentic:

Online Bank Transfer

In GCash you can transfer via InstaPay to Security Bank, BDO or BPI account

Option B. If you have a, you can settle the payment request we send directly. This option has instant confirmation just like when you pay in 7-Eleven.

In addition to the standard cash in options for coins, here is a convenient trick: You can fund your wallet directly through Instapay transfer from your bank or GCash. Look for DCPay Philippines – this is name in Instapay. Your mobile number (the one you use in serves as your account number in this case.

For example in GCash: Login to your GCash and choose “bank transfer,” search for DCPay Philippines, Inc. Type the amount you want to transfer, use your mobile number (09xxxxxxxxx) as your account number.

GCash to DC Pay to fund your Coins Wallet (use your mobile number as account number)

If your Coins Wallet is funded already, you can now pay. If you need a new payment request, you can generate that in your BillEase account under ‘Pay now’ (See detailed instructions here.)

Payment Request will be sent to your email or SMS. Click the link and you will be redirected to your Coins Account. Login to your account and confirm the amount you’ll transfer and we’ll confirm your payment instantly.

This is how it works:

Coins.PH Mobile App

If you have the app installed, it’s even more convenient:

Coins.PH Website

2. Grace Period Extended

We know that some of you have been very loyal to BillEase and have a very good credit standing that’s why we’re giving you a 7-day grace period for your installment dues. Although this is temporary, this would allow give you more time and continue paying on schedule.

3. FREE Rescheduling of Installment Plans

If you can’t make payments due to the enhanced quarantine, contact us immediately and we will reschedule your installment for free plus we will also waive fees for those who have already received their payment notification prior to this announcement.

Contact us at or via SMS (09278664504) to get your loan rescheduled.

NOTE: This is available to customers who were in good standing as of Mar 13, with dues from March 13, 2020 to April 14, 2020

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