Easy Guide for GCash Top Up

GCash is a local app that you can install on any of your devices—be it a smartphone or a tablet. It allows you to pay your bills, purchase goods and services and even send or receive money wherever you are.

BillEase has always been of help when it comes to financial innovation in the Philippines. That’s why in our new mobile app feature we already included the top up option to give clients wider experience on their BillEase Account.

Any client may avail this service as long as they have remaining credit limit. Let’s take a look on this easy guide to do top up!

Step 1: Tap the Top Ups on Mobile App

Once you log in to your BillEase account, you’ll find ‘top ups’ under your screen. Simply tap it to see your options.

Step 2: Choose your GCash Top Up amount

You can see GCash as one of the top up offers. Select your preferred amount and note that the amount in Black indicates the load that you will receive and the amount in Red is the one to be deducted on your limit that you need to pay, interest is already included.

Step 3: Select your Installment Term

Choose on how many months you are going to pay for it and the repayment frequency. There is a possibility of a longer term as you continue in using our services and by having a good credit standing. Frequency should also be based on your pay day schedule.

Step 4: Transaction Completed

Great! Once purchased, this will be credited on your verified GCash account under “Available Balance”.

Easy peasy right? Try it now! <3

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