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Introducing Pay with BillEase

Choose BillEase as your Mode of Payment in our Merchants

Have you heard that the BillEase family is getting bigger? We are already partnered with 2 other merchants and looking forward to another 100 online stores. Here is a step by step guide on how to purchase ‘almost’ anything online on Installment payment. 

Here, we’ll be using Hubware – Online Hardware Store as our example.

Step 1: Go to our Merchant Online Marketplace

Go to their Online Shop/Website and just shop as usual. Pick your best choices and add to cart (or with hardware add to rig) then proceed to checkout once your complete with all your needs. 

Step 2: Fill out necessary details

Details are different based on the merchant’s requirements. Some will need you to create an account while some just need your important information like delivery address, contact number etc.

Step 3: Choose BillEase as your mode of payment

Choose BillEase as your mode of payment. Of course, you need a BillEase account and enough credit limit. We encourage you to always purchase within your credit limit. But if you really need the item but don’t have enough, do cash out.

Cash out works for a limited time only, or it will expire. If you do this there will be a pop up message saying you need to cash out up to the said time.

Step 4: Select your Installment Term

Choose how many months you are going to pay for it. For first timers, we offer a maximum of 3-months term, there will be a possibility of a longer term as you continue in using our service and by having a good credit standing. Also, pick your repayment frequency, this should be based on your declared pay day.

Step 5: Input your OTP

If all is well with your installment term, digitally sign your Promissory Note and Disclosure Statement with OTP that will be sent to your registered mobile number. We highly suggest customers to carefully read and understand the PNDS before signing as all of the installment information including amount, interest, repayment schedule, etc. are stated to avoid confusion before we process.

Purchasing completed! Time to chill and just wait for the knock on your door for your delivery. You can check all your installment details on your BillEase mobile app.

Try Pay with BillEase with our merchants: – booking flights – online hardware shop

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