Instantly Avail Your BillEase Cash Loan With This New Feature

Avail your BillEase cash loan instantly with Instapay and Pesonet

Getting your BillEase cash loan instantly is now possible via this brand new feature! Read on to know how you can take advantage of this latest BillEase feature for a seamless, hassle-free cash loan process.

We were floored by the amazing response we received from our customers when we first released the BillEase cash loan feature. So many people appreciated this fast, easy, and low-interest cash loan feature that we’ve actually made it available to a wider set of BillEase audience. 

But here in BillEase, we don’t ever stop improving our service. We know that even something as well-loved as our cash loan feature can still be improved upon to give you, our customers, a more satisfying experience. 

And here we are! We’ve made some crazy improvements to our cash loan system to offer customers instant money transfer from your BillEase account to your bank account. Isn’t that exciting? 

But wait, there’s more. This improvement also has a twist. 

BillEase can now offer instant availment of your cash loan with lower banking fees. Hurray!

Now enough hype; let’s dive in deeper on this new feature, shall we?


If you’ve only just qualified for the BillEase cash loan feature, you might want to get to know our feature first before trying it out. This article right here breaks down the process of setting up your preferred cashout method, availing the cash loan itself, and the turnaround time for each request. 


As mentioned earlier, improvements in our system will now allow customers to receive their cash loans instantly. How did we achieve this? With the help of two friends: Instapay and Pesopay! 

But what are these two? What do they do?

To quote their own website, Instapay is “an electronic fund transfer (EFT) service that allows customers to transfer PHP funds almost instantly between accounts of participating BSP-supervised banks and non-bank e-money issuers in the Philippines.”

Meanwhile, Pesopay is an online payment system that allows businesses to accept online payments via a number of different means. You can use your credit or debit cards, over-the-counter payments, cash, e-Wallet payments, or even PayPal!

We’ve partnered with these two services to give you the new and improved BillEase cash loan features.


Here’s how it works: if your bank is serviced by Instapay and/or Pesopay, you can take advantage of the advantage these partners have to offer.

For one, you can avail of the instant money transfer from Instapay. As their name so convincingly implies, they offer instant to near-instant fund transfer to all affiliated banks and payment services in the country. Once you finish signing your BillEase loan, you will receive your funds just like that – try it!

Bank fees for all Instapay transactions cost 10php. Not bad, huh?

For Pesonet, fund transfers still follow the cut-off policy. Meaning, if you avail your BillEase loan on a banking day before our cut-off of 10AM, you will receive your funds on the same day. If you avail your BillEase loan after our 10AM cut-off, you will receive your funds on the next banking day.

But! You can also take advantage of Pesonet’s super affordable baking fees. For just 5php, you can now transfer banks to your preferred bank! Wow, that’s super convenient!

BillEase already supports most Philippine banks and have added support to more. Do you want to know whether these services support your preferred bank? Login to your BillEase account and link your preferred bank as your cash out method (if you haven’t yet). Check if your linked bank account is supported by Instapay or Pesonet. See images below for reference.

The instapay logo will appear on all instapay-partnered banks in BillEase
The Pesonet logo will appear on all Pesonet-partnered banks in BillEase

What do you think of this new improvement in our cash loan feature? Send your thoughts our way via the comments section down below!

5 thoughts on “Instantly Avail Your BillEase Cash Loan With This New Feature

    1. Hi Lorenzo! Our cash loan feature is currently available to select BillEase customers only and eligibility to the feature is system-generated (much like the credit limit increase). Continue using your BillEase credit limit and paying your installments on time and you too will be able to avail of the cash loan feature in the future! 🙂

  1. i was approved for 2000, i am not sure on how to use that, and why is i have to pay for Jan 2, if i didnt yet take the money or order something… kindly explain it to me thoroughly?

    1. You can use your Credit Limit in Lazada Wallet, GCash Top Up, tripmoba or hubware. We highly suggest customers to carefully read and understand the contract and reminders when availing the loan before signing as all of the information of the loan including processing time, amount, interest etc. will be stated there just to avoid confusion and so everything is clear before we process. Thank you.

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