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We’re Switching Things Up! Lazada Wallet for Everyone

Lazada is phasing out non-collectible vouchers soon. What does this mean for every BillEase customer? Read on to find out.

Yes, it’s true. Lazada will soon overhauling their voucher system. This means customers can no longer use vouchers during checkout for their purchases starting this April.

While vouchers were our first availment method, we launched our Lazada Wallet option last year as well as just recently the cash loan feature for qualifying customers.

Change can be exciting! And we know for sure this particular change is going to bring in a whole slew of convenience to you, customers.


Starting today, April 4, all BillEase customer accounts will automatically be qualified to avail their credit limits via the Lazada Wallet. You won’t have to do anything – no need to reset, change, or adjust your accounts. When you login to your BillEase accounts on April 4 and onwards, you will be able to avail your credit limits straight to your Lazada Wallet.

You will still be able to request for vouchers up to April 11 but we encourage everyone to start migrating to the Lazada Wallet as soon as possible.

Make sure you have activated Wallet, in your Lazada account though!

Now if you ask us, there are plenty of reasons why we prefer using the Lazada Wallet over the Lazada vouchers.

Aside from the numerous promos and rewards available for Lazada Wallet users, disbursal time for the Lazada Wallet is also leagues faster than that of the voucher. Wallet funds don’t expire and you can use them however you want! Want a more in depth list of the Lazada Wallet perks? Click here.


Not at all.

Aside from familiarizing yourselves with the how-to’s of the Lazada Wallet feature, nothing changes in BillEase’s process.

In fact, we daresay we even made things better for you because we streamlined our processes to make it easier for everyone to avail the Wallet feature.

Customers who have switched to the Lazada Wallet from the start can attest to this but we believe it’s worth repeating: Lazada Wallet feature is a reliable and easy-to-use feature. It might take some getting used to for beginners, but using it ultimately provides a superior user experience over the BillEase voucher.

Why not give it a whirl right now?

We in BillEase remain 100% committed to giving our customers the best experience we can provide. Yes, our commitment includes keeping our application and availment process fast, easy, and hassle-free. Streamlining our process is and will always be a priority. Because you know what?

There’s no way to go but up.

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