BillEase Voucher, Wallet, or Cash Loan: Learn the Difference

BillEase Voucher, E-Wallet, or Cash Loan: What's the Difference?

BillEase has recently released a new installment method: the cash loan. Everyone’s been buzzing about it, and while it’s still on its beta testing mode, more and more customers are asking for it. But we understand that all these installment methods can be quite confusing for newcomers.

So in this article, we’ll discuss the three different loan methods, their differences, and how you can avail each of them.

Let’s jump into it!

The OG: The BillEase Voucher

The BillEase voucher arguably is the oldest and most known installment method. Every BillEase customer has and will be using this method at some point of their BillEase journey as we require everyone to finish at least one (1) installment via voucher.

It is also, arguably, the easiest to use. Once availed, you will receive your voucher code via email according to our release schedule and you can immediately use it for your Lazada purchases. You can find more guidelines on how to use it here as well as some useful reminders here.

Update: The BillEase Voucher is now permanently offline. BillEase customers can now avail their credit limit via their Lazada Wallet!

The Contender: The Lazada Wallet Feature

We broke ground with the Lazada Wallet feature last 2018 and customers immediately praised the added convenience it brings to the table. With its faster disbursal time and non-expiry, some users have decided to migrate to the Wallet feature and have never looked back.

So how does the Wallet feature work, exactly? Simply put, it allows you to withdraw your BillEase credit limit to your Lazada Wallet (provided that the latter is activated and connected to your BillEase account) and use it for your Lazada purchases. And while you can use your Wallet credits to purchase items from Lazada, you cannot directly withdraw them from your Lazada wallet and convert them to cash.

Syncing your Lazada Wallet to your BillEase account is also very simple. Login to your BillEase account and click on “Settings” From there, click on the “Availment Methods” – you can see the list of availment methods that you can choose from here. Click on the sync button and follow the instructions to proceed!

Have more questions on the Lazada Wallet feature? No worries; we got you covered. Click here to read our extensive FAQ.

The New Kid in Town: The BillEase Cash Loan

Our newest installment method has just launched this January and everyone’s definitely excited for it. There’s just one minor setback: it is still undergoing beta testing and access is limited to a handful of customers only. Once we’re satisfied that the feature is in its tip-top shape, though, we’re releasing it a wider audience and qualified BillEase customers will be able to access it.

The BillEase Cash Loan works just like the Wallet feature EXCEPT that it allows you to withdraw a set amount of cash limit to either your account or your preferred bank account. Yes, that means you can turn your cash limit into actual cash and use it however you want, even outside Lazada!

One of the most common questions we receive is how will a customer know if he or she is qualified to avail the cash loan installment method. So here’s a short and quick answer to end all the questions: CHECK YOUR EMAIL.

If you’ve been chosen as a beta tester for the BillEase Cash Loan, you will receive an email announcement from BillEase, complete with instructions on how to claim your cash loan. If you haven’t received any emails, that’s okay. Your turn may come up soon enough when our newest feature hits a wider audience release.

Until then, you can choose between the BillEase Voucher and the Lazada Wallet feature as your preferred installment method.

We hope this article cleared some things up regarding BillEase’s three different installment methods. Which one do you prefer and why? Are you excited about the BillEase cash loan?

8 thoughts on “BillEase Voucher, Wallet, or Cash Loan: Learn the Difference

  1. My funds is not yet on my lazada billease application has been approve last june 27, claimed the limit the same day but till now still cant use it and i am due to pay already on july 15 please help

    1. Hi Eileen!

      Kindly make sure that your contact details in both your Lazada and BillEase accounts match! Lazada will not be able to successfully disburse the funds to your account otherwise. Thank you!

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  3. I am a member of lazada and costumer I apply a billease cash loan I am waiting for the email but until now no email at all why and how to know if I failed or past thanks.

    1. Unfortunately, as much as we would like to help you out, your application was declined. We’re sorry for not sending an email to you regarding this. We will raise this to the relevant team. Thank you!

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