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Changing Your Registered BillEase Address and Payday Now Made Easier!

Changing your registered BillEase address and payday is now easier to do thanks to our new feature! Read on to find out how you can maximize these two new BillEase features!

In our last post, we gave everyone a sneak peek of what is to come to BillEase for 2019 – among them are a bunch of new and exciting features.

And of course we’re not one to make you wait. So today we’re announcing the first among the many new features we’re releasing for 2019. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to our new Change Registered Address and Change Payday features!

Changing Your Registered Address

Before a customer can apply to BillEase, they must first register a home address followed by a Proof of Billing such as a Meralco bill, credit card bill, water bill, postpaid plan bill, or any bill that reflects your home address.

(Fun Fact: BillEase allows Proofs of Billing that aren’t under your name so long as the address matches your home address!)

And due to a safety measure employed by Lazada in cooperation with BillEase, your registered Lazada delivery address must also reflect your registered home address in BillEase; otherwise, your purchase will be cancelled.

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But what if you changed addresses recently? How do you change your registered address in BillEase?

Step 1: Log in to your BillEase account and go to Settings.

Changing Your Registered BillEase Address and Payday Now Made Easier!

From there, you will see multiple options but for now choose the one labeled ‘Addresses’.

Step 2: Fill in the required fields with your new address information.

Don’t forget to pin your home address on the map provided as well!

Step 3: Upload an updated Proof of Billing

Again, it doesn’t matter if the document is not under your name. Just make sure that the address in your Proof of Billing matches the one you’re registering in BillEase. Otherwise, your new address will be rejected.

Step 4: Submit your request

Once submitted, your request will be subjected to a review and verification process. Wait for our email regarding the status of your request. Changes will then apply to your next installment!

Changing Your Registered Payday

Another thing a customer needs to set before they can fully apply to BillEase is their payday details. From here, a customer gives details on the nature of their income source, their pay dates, and upload a copy of their proof of income.

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But suppose your payday schedule changed. You may also want your BillEase payment schedule to coincide with your newly changed payday schedule, right? How can you go about it?

Step 1: Log in to your BillEase account and go to Settings.

This time, choose ‘Payday Schedule’ among the options.

Step 2: Fill in the fields with the required information.

Step 3: Upload an updated Proof of Income. Make sure that your new paydays are clearly stated in your document to avoid any delays.

Step 4: Submit your request.

Your request will now be reviewed and verified by our credit team. A notification will be sent to your email regarding the result of your request.

Got more questions regarding changing your registered address and pay day? Drop them on the comments section and we’ll get back at ya!

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