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Thank You, Next: What’s In Store for BillEase in 2019?

Happy 2019 from BillEase! After a fruitful and exciting 2018, what does your favorite installment plan provider have in store for you for 2019? Let’s recap the year that passed and look forward a present (and future) that’s full of surprises!

And just like that, it’s 2019. Happy new year, everybody!

It feels like only yesterday when we first launched our service. In our minds, we envisioned Billease to be an affordable, accessible, and reliable installment service provider for Lazada customers all over the country. And now, just a year later, we’re already doing that and more!

So before we move on to the year 2019, allow us to thank you guys for helping us make these 4 amazing  achievements happen!

What's In Store for BillEase in 2019?

Welcome, New Customers!

The year 2018 was such an exciting year of expansion for us in BillEase. In a span of one year, so many of you joined the BillEase family! This is great because we’ve always envisioned ourselves to be serving a wide audience and helping more Filipinos get their dream purchases through our installment plans.

So thank you to everyone who joined us this year. And an extra thank you, too, to everyone who recommended us to your friends, colleagues, and families! We look forward to serving you more in the future.

We Launched Exciting Promos!

Innovation has always been the heart of BillEase and one of the ways we showcased this for 2018 is through our exciting promos.

So far, we’ve launched SIX different promos – from the trusty Asus Zenfone 3 Laser, to the crowd favorite Xiaomi Pocophone F1, to the affordable Matrix Aircon, we’ve tested the waters with these promos and you’ve given us all the support we could ever ask for.

The Lazada E-Wallet Top-Up Fund Feature!

Arguably one of the most important features we’ve released so far, the Lazada Wallet Top-Up Fund allows customers to avail their credit limits via Lazada’s Wallet. We have written about this feature extensively here and have even outlined the main reasons why you should consider switching from your vouchers to the Wallet

It’s amazing to see how much you guys have supported this feature. Based on your reactions and how much you recommend them to fellow BillEase users, we did a great job in introducing this feature to our customer base.

Have you tried this feature yet? If not, what’re you waiting for? Try it out today!

BillEase App – Beta Release

And finally, our biggest release. Last year marked a significant progress on our endeavor to launch a more convenient experience for all BillEase users. In case you’ve missed it, though, we’re talking about our very own app!

Yes, imagine that! All the goodness that BillEase has to offer now available at the palm of your hands. Now you can take your BillEase experience anywhere and everywhere, and that is made possible by our humble app.

And in 2018, we finally got our wish: we were able to release our BillEase app and managed to put it up for Beta testing! We’ve also managed to get some user feedbacks from customers who were kind enough to test the app for us.

Want to give the app a whirl? You can download it via Google Play here.

So What’s Next for BillEase?

Here in BillEase, we believe that the best is yet to come!

Because this 2019, we’re gonna be sending new and more exciting promos your way. We’ll be picking high-quality items that you would surely get you all fired up, so make sure you subscribe to our social media channels and our mailing list so you’re first in line when we drop our promo bombs.

We’re also developing new BillEase features for 2019! Our team is currently hard at work to deliver features that will help us further realize our vision of providing a reliable and affordable installment plan to the Filipino people.

Do you have any suggestions on what features we should develop? Talk to us in the comments section!

And yes, if you’re wondering – yes, we will be releasing the official full-blown version of the app as well. After working on it for so long, we’re excited to finally reveal the app to our customers in its full glory. Fingers crossed!

So what’s next for BillEase in 2019? Definitely a whole lot of innovations and exciting things. So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t joined the BillEase community yet, now is the best time to do so!

Head over to to get started!

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