Get the New Oppo F9 Today – Only ₱1,399 a Month! #HappyBillEaseDay

Get the New Oppo F9 Today – Only ₱1,399 a Month

This September, the Oppo F9 is the star of our birthday celebration. We’ve partnered up with Lazada to give you a chance to get the new, top-of-the-line Oppo F9 for only ₱1,399 a month.

And as part of our “thank you” to all of you loyal customers, all existing customers will have an exclusive access to our promo for one whole month. This means faster service and delivery for every participating customer. And of course… bragging rights! *wink wink*

Read on to learn more.

Get the New Oppo F9 Today – Only ₱1,399 a Month

Fresh off from its launching last August, the new Oppo F9 has been tagged as the next-generation selfie phone. This newest member of the Oppo’s mid-range family is gorgeously designed with a Sunrise Red and Twilight Blue iterations.

This, with its commendable performance and fast-charging capability, a price tag of 17,990 is quite a steal!

So for our promo, we’re offering the new Oppo F9 for only ₱1,399 a month for 12 months, and with a cash out of 5,990.

We’re also throwing in free shipping fee, direct to your doorsteps! And of course, as always, no credit card is required to make a purchase.

Sounds like a plan? Go pay our promo landing page a visit so you can get started!


An Exclusive Promo

As we mentioned earlier, as part of our “thank you” to each and every one of you loyal customers, we will be giving all existing customers an exclusive access to this promo for one whole month.

That is right: for one whole month, you get to have this promo all by your awesome selves. So if you guys are worried about having to compete for stocks, well, now we can guarantee you can rest easy. We got your backs, homies!

So how do you get this promo?

Log in to your BillEase account. You should see the “Promos” tab right away. Click the tab and type in our promo code. This time, it’s happybilleaseday – click “Claim Now” to proceed.

Up next, you will have to configure and confirm the terms of your installment plan. For instance, how many months do you want your installment plan to be? Which color do you prefer?

When you’ve finally set your terms, click “Claim Now”. You will be given a summary of your installment plan. Remember to keep a copy of this for future reference!

You’re all set! Sit back and relax because your brand new Oppo F9 is now on its way to you.


Tracking Your Oppo F9 Order

Now that you’ve placed your orders, you might be wondering how and when you’ll get your phone.

As soon as your order is confirmed, you will receive an email from Lazada on the delivery details of your order. This includes the estimated time of delivery as well as a helpful guide on how you can track your Oppo F9’s path to your doorstep.

In any case, if you need help in tracking your order, you can contact us and we’ll happily assist you!

Have an Existing BillEase Loan? No Problemo.

It’s a time for celebration and we want you to be a part of it – loan or no loan.

So as a special consideration to all you awesome BillEase customers, we are qualifying some accounts to exceed their credit limits for this promo. This way, more of you can join in on the fun!

Just a friendly reminder: In the event that you use your entire credit limit for the promo, you will have to settle 100% of your installment first before you can avail of another installment from BillEase. Take this into consideration before you click that button!

How do you know yours is one of those qualified accounts? The best way is to try! Head over to your BillEase accounts and get started.


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    1. Hi Nathalia,

      Once we’ve received a report from Lazada regarding the final status of your voucher expiration, your account will be adjusted so you can request for a new voucher from your BillEase account. Hope this clarifies.

    1. Hi Dennis!

      Unfortunately this promo is no longer available. But tune in to our blog or our social media pages for future promos!

    1. Hi Aileen!

      Unfortunately this promo is no longer available. But tune in to our blog or our social media pages for future promos!

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