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Appdate: A New and Improved BillEase App is Coming Right Up

A new and improved BillEase app is coming to your smartphones soon and we promise it’ll be worth the wait. Read more to catch a glimpse of what to expect.


Can y’all believe? It’s been quite a while (almost a month, we believe) since we did an early and limited release for our BillEase app. A lot has happened and since then! Some of you have probably downloaded the app, gave us a review and/or rating on Google Play, and made your thoughts known to us.

Here in BillEase, we believe in constant improvement. We believe in constantly updating the technology we use to service our customers better. So what did we do? We sat down and took notes of your thoughts. Then we used those notes to what?

To build a better, faster, and more efficient BillEase App.




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You guys should know by now: we’re here to accomplish big things. And as such, we want to beef up the BillEase app as many functional features as possible. We aim to make it your one-stop-shop for all your BillEase needs.

We aim for the app to be comprehensive. From sending us your application to getting your Lazada voucher to requesting for a payment link, we want our customers to be able to do all those with the app. We want to make sure that you can reach your BillEase accounts anywhere and anytime you want!

But we also want the BillEase app to be fast and efficient. We’ve made several changes and streamlined the processes to give you a better overall experience.

We also took notes from our test run: data will now be synced between the website and the app. This means that anything you do on the website will be reflected in the app. Now you can switch back-and-forth comfortably between two channels!

There will also be some surprise features that will be unveiled when we launch the new and improved BillEase app so get excited, folks!



Now you might be asking, “Should I download the app? Will I benefit from it?” The answer is, of course, a resounding yes.

We know it. You know it. There’s no point in denying it.

Are you a looking into trying BillEase for the first time? You can register and upload requirements via the app. If you’re looking to avail your loan via Lazada voucher or e-wallet, you can accomplish that via the BillEase app.

Lastly, are you a current customer who wants to keep track of your installment payments and schedule? You’d be glad to know the BillEase app can help you with that as well!

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a new customer or an old-timer. If you’re using BillEase, the app is for you!


The new and improved BillEase app is going to be released in the near future so y’all better watch out! Make sure to follow us on social media for more updates regarding this.

In the meantime, happy shopping!

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