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Get Your Payment Request from Your BillEase Account in 3 Easy Steps

BillEase New Feature Payment Request from BillEase Account

Great news, loyal BillEase customers – you can now get a payment request straight from your BillEase account! No need to email us for a payment request. No need to wait for your due date to pay for your BillEase loan. Just log in to your BillEase account to request for a payment link!

Read on for a more detailed instruction regarding this new feature.

Two days before your due date, BillEase sends something called “payment request” via email and SMS. This payment request allows BillEase customers to pay their loans via various payment channels – 7-Eleven, Cebuana Lhuillier, MLhuillier, and of course,

While this is already a convenient setup for most customers, there is the question of conducting early payments. What if you want to pay for your loans in advance? Or what if you want to pay for three installment terms instead of just one?

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And that’s why we created this new feature – you can now get a BillEase payment request directly from your BillEase account! No need to email us beforehand! With these three easy steps, you can pay for your BillEase installments in no time.

Here’s how:

STEP 1: Log in to your BillEase account and go to “Installments”

From here, you will see a few things. There are your credit limit and the amount you’ve already claimed. There’s the ever-important “Claim Now” button for claiming your credit limit either via voucher or Lazada Wallet.

And now, you can also see the open and active loans that you have in BillEase. Go ahead and click your active loan.

STEP 2: Click “Pay Now”

Once you click an active loan, you will be shown your payment schedule. From here, you will see your due dates, your amount due, and the status of these dues. You will also see the amount due for your next installment as well as the penalties due (if any).

Click the “Pay Now” button to proceed to continue generating a payment request.

Note: All dates highlighted in red are “past due” and are incurring penalties. We highly encourage our customers to pay their loans in a timely manner. Not only as to not incur any penalties but also because it’s one of our system’s basis for increasing a customer’s credit limit!

STEP 3: Enter the amount you want to pay and click “Proceed”.

Your next installment amount is shown on the background but of course, you can also pay in advance! You can choose how much you want to pay by entering the amount you want to pay for in the space provided. Once you’re satisfied with the amount, click “Proceed”. 

You will then receive your reference number via SMS in your registered BillEase phone number.  This SMS is the payment request that you will need to pay for your BillEase loan. Take this reference number to your preferred payment channel to settle them. You can find more detailed instructions on how you can settle your BillEase loan via different payment channels here.

Once you’re done with your payment, you can look back to your account and see your Transaction History by clicking the link just below the table of your installments. All your confirmed payments will be shown in your Transaction History so no need to worry if your payment has been verified or not!

Another important note: As of now, this feature is not yet available in the app. But! Our team is working hard to deliver to you guys a fresh, and feature-loaded version of the app very, very soon! So hang on to it and stay tuned for updates.

And that’s it! Do you have any questions? Verifications? Let us know in the comments below.

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