5 Must-Have Appliances for Your First Apartment

5 Must-Have Appliances for Your First Apartment

Moving to your first apartment is sure a hectic and nerve-wracking activity. But it can be fun and exciting too, especially when it’s time to buy appliances and furniture!

Don’t go getting carried away and busting your savings on expensive things, though. In this article, we’ve listed the 5 basic must-have appliances you’ll need for your first apartment.

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Rice Cooker

Let’s face it: What are we Pinoys ever going to do if we run out of rice? After all, rice is so ingrained in our system that we might as well be classified as rice-ivores.

So we don’t think we even have to tell you what’s the first appliance you’d need for your first apartment. But in case you do, we’ll say it out loud: a rice cooker! And an ideal rice cooker, of course, is one that is large and sturdy enough to fit your needs. You might be cooking for yourself now but let’s not discount you having family and friends as guests in the near future!

5 Must-Have Appliances for Your First Apartment

Check out this Intelligent rice cooker with Induction Heating technology from Lazada. Only ₱3,999 with 4-liter capacity.



Induction Cooker

Living on your own in your first apartment doesn’t mean having to say goodbye to sumptuous home-cooked meals. It definitely does not mean you should eat take-outs on a daily basis! Especially not when cooking can be made easier and fun with a trusty induction cooker!

Why an induction cooker? Well, for one, induction cookers are just better and faster in heating things up. This means that you can cook your food faster and more evenly than with an ordinary gas stove.

5 Must-Have Appliances for Your First Apartment

And hey. Don’t you think induction cookers just look plain sexier than a gas stove? See this Imarflex single burner induction cooker (₱2,400 in Lazada). Isn’t it such a beauty?

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You can’t cook all that food without having a proper storage on hand! And what better way to store your food and drinks than a refrigerator.

Should you get a big one or a small one? Well, it really depends on your needs. It’s best to get something big enough to accommodate your food, supplies, and other ingredients if you tend to cook a lot. But if you’re cooking for yourself one day at a time, a smaller refrigerator should suffice for your first apartment.

5 Must-Have Appliances for Your First Apartment

Need a recommendation? Check out this 3.5 cubic ft. two-door personal refrigerator from Fujidenzo! Only ₱8,198.00 in Lazada.



Some people might think having a television in their apartment is more of a luxury than a “must-have”. Especially in a day and age where you can just pop open your laptop, open Netflix, and literally chill.

But you know what? Sometimes the small laptop screen just isn’t enough to give you the best viewing experience possible. And for that, you need the power of a television in your first apartment.

5 Must-Have Appliances for Your First Apartment

And it doesn’t need to cost you a pretty penny either. Take this 40” Avision Full HD LED TV. It’s only ₱10,999 in Lazada. It even comes with a free wall bracket. Beat that!

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An Air Conditioner

In this tropical country of ours where every summer gives us broiling and boiling temperatures, an air conditioner is now a must. If only for the good nights’ sleep it will bring.

Still, we get the hesitation coming from a lot of people. No doubt that an air conditioner can cause your electric bill to skyrocket! So our advice? Stick to energy efficient air conditioning units. There are a lot of models out there that offer this nice little feature and it allows you to save electricity without sacrificing comfort.

5 Must-Have Appliances for Your First Apartment

Our recommendation: the Matrix 0.6HP Air Condition. Not only is it very affordable (only ₱6,999 in Lazada), it is also energy efficient!


Getting your first apartment is an exciting yet stressful phase of your adult life. Hopefully with these 5 essential appliances on hand, living alone will be more exciting than stressful!

Do you guys have anything to add to our list? Keep them coming in our comments section!

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