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8 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Action Camera

BillEase 8 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Action Camera

Contemplating whether you should buy an action camera? Here, allow us to help you. Together, let’s break down the 8 reasons why buying an action camera might just be one of the best decisions you’ll make in a long while.



Unless you’ve been living under a rock for some time now, you may have noticed a popular device people use to document their outdoor adventures and even breathtaking stunts – an action camera!

And as the name implies, this portable mini camera allows you to take photos and videos while you go through exciting escapades. But should you buy an action camera?

In this article, we list down 8 reasons that’ll (hopefully) convince you to go ahead and buy an action camera for your next adventure.

So sit back and allow us to take you in for a ride through the features of this handy gadget. Let’s go!

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1. Action cameras are durable

One of the best traits of action cameras is their durability – this is what makes them an excellent outdoor gadget! Made of durable plastic, action cameras are capable of withstanding extreme stress and harsh environments without malfunctioning.

To improve its durability and increase longevity, however, it is best to put your action camera inside a protective housing.

But don’t worry! There are plenty of accessories available for action cameras whichever brand you may opt to get.


2. You can take them to places ordinary cameras can’t go

Sure, smartphones are also handy. And as technology evolves, the quality smartphones is also improving allowing you to take epic pictures and even film mini-movies with just your handheld device.

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Unfortunately for smartphones, there are just some places they are still fragile and bulky to go. Want to go snorkeling and swimming with the fishes? Want to go rock climbing or skydiving? Well tough luck, smartphones are just not small or durable enough for those kinds of activities.

Action cameras, on the other hand, are small and durable enough to be taken anywhere you want to go. They can also be mounted anywhere (more on that later) so you can go hands-free on your next adventure!


3. They are easily mountable

Yet another reason to buy an action camera is their versatility With the right accessory, you can easily mount them anywhere – bicycle handlebars, helmets, windscreens, surfboards, even a selfie stick if you’re so inclined.


4. Image resolutions are topnotch

Remember when we said you can take epic pictures and videos of your adventures with your action camera? That’s because most, if not all, action cameras offer Full HD (or 1080p) resolution for all its images and videos.

Some action cameras even offer a 4K resolution – imagine using this small, portable, unassuming camera to produce your own digital film!


5. Video/Photo editing? Easy!

And if you’re an aspiring filmmaker/photographer or even just an enthusiast, here’s another reason why you should buy an action camera: editing your photos and videos is an easy-peasy process.

Again, most (if not all) action cameras have an accompanying software that allows you to post-process your images and videos minus the hassle of importing and exporting your files to and from third-party software.

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6. Multiple connectivity options are available

Action cameras typically come with more than one connectivity option. Aside from your SD card, newer action cameras are also able to connect to the WiFi (via an app that you control in your smartphone) to share your images and videos on the fly.

Don’t have an Internet connection? No worries, action cameras also come with a Bluetooth connection!


7. Upgradeable memory storage

Since you’d most likely be using your action camera to go off the beaten track, you most definitely don’t want to run out of storage space just when you’re about to film a breathtaking scene.

Good thing action cameras come with an upgradeable memory capacity! Action cameras utilize removable micro SD cards for storing your videos and images – if you run out of space, just replace!

Just remember to bring tons of extra SD cards to be sure, though!


8. Action cameras are surprisingly affordable

We know what you’re thinking: with all these amazing action camera features, they’re bound to be expensive. How are you supposed to buy an action camera if it breaks the bank?

That’s true. But we’re glad to say that there are great action cameras out there that do not only give amazing quality images/videos but are also durable and affordable!

When you talk about action cameras, it is impossible for the brand GoPro to not be brought up. While the brand remains to be the top choice of most people for their action camera needs, there are also other brands out there that offer amazing performance for a fraction of the cost.

We’ve listed our top 3 GoPro alternatives here if you need suggestions.


Action cameras are a great way to share your exciting adventures not only with your friends and family but also to the rest of the world. Are you ready to buy your own action camera or are you still hesitating? Are there still factors you’re considering?

Let’s talk in the comments section, folks!

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