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What To Do When Your Lazada Order is Returned or Canceled

What To Do When Your Lazada Order is Returned or Canceled BillEase

In this article, we will tackle how you can deal with your Lazada Wallet Top-Up and installment plans in the event that your order gets returned or canceled. We will also answer frequently asked questions that might help you in future transactions.

We all know that feeling. After days of anticipating the delivery of your latest purchase, you suddenly get a text message from the seller saying your Lazada order is canceled.

Or worse, when your package finally arrives, it’s defective. Or it doesn’t resemble what you thought you were getting.

What a heartbreaking moment, right?

It’s okay, it happens. Sometimes, orders get either returned or canceled. This is one of the (very few) downsides of online shopping. Thankfully, online shopping sites such as Lazada have excellent customer service and getting your Lazada orders replaced is a breeze.

But what about the Lazada Wallet Top-Up you used to purchase your Lazada order? Will you get a refund? Will your installment plan be adjusted?

In this article, we will tackle how you can deal with your installment plan if your Lazada order gets returned or canceled.

We will also answer frequently asked questions that might help you in future transactions.

Let’s dig in!


A Very, Very, Important Reminder

Let’s start this by stressing a very, very important reminder.

Quite a few of our customers have experienced cancellations of their Lazada orders recently. This caused – and understandably so – some mild panic to everyone who got their orders canceled unexpectedly.

Why did this happen?

This is due to a safety measure jointly implemented by both Lazada and BillEase. Under this safety measure, all issued vouchers are tagged under the registered name and address in your BillEase account.

The Lazada team then verifies your registered information in their system. If it matches the ones tagged in your voucher, your Lazada order will be approved and will be dispatched for delivery. If the information does not match, they will cancel the purchase.

It is therefore very, very important that the name and address that you register under both BillEase and Lazada matches. For best results, we recommend you use the exact same information down to the even the most minor detail of your name and address.

Worried about your privacy? So are we.

Much like all safety measures, this is being done with your – our customers’ – best interests in mind. While this may prove to be an inconvenience to some of you, our priority is still your privacy and safety.

This safety aims to protect your online identity and prevent any instances of fraud. We want to make sure that you are using your account to purchase your Lazada orders, and not some identity thief who’s trying to make a quick buck at your expense.

What To Do When Your Lazada Order is Returned/Canceled?

The first order of business… is to not panic.

Relax; take a deep breath. We are here to help.

The second order of business is to contact Lazada and ask for a refund.

If or when your Lazada order gets returned or canceled, Lazada will automatically begin to process your refund. This refund, once processed, will be deposited to your activated Lazada Wallet under the “Rebates” section.

Refunds made with Lazada Wallet is also faster and more efficient. According to Lazada, you can receive your refund in less than 24hrs after cancellation is finalized or the returned item is received and processed in their warehouse.

Will I Have to Pay for My Voucher if My Order Gets Returned/Canceled?

Yes. All funds disbursed through BillEase Top-Up are considered final and as good as cash. Therefore, the amount and schedule of your repayments will not be affected by any returned or canceled orders. This goes with both partial and full return/cancelation of your orders.

Besides, once Lazada issues your refund straight to your Lazada Wallet, you can go back to shopping like nothing happened!

Again, Lazada will be solely responsible for your refund. All follow-ups must then be coursed through them and not through BillEase.

When Can I Request a New Lazada Wallet Top-Up?

The Lazada Wallet Top-Up works the same way as the now-permanently offline BillEase vouchers in that you will have to wait until you settle the full amount of your BillEase loan before you can request for another Top-Up.

But no worries because unlike the voucher, you can use your Lazada Wallet funds however and whenever you want. You can either use this amount all at once or chop it up for different purchases – it’s up to you!

Below is a handy table for our Lazada Wallet Top-Up schedule:

Time Filed Estimated Time of Arrival
Banking day, before 12:00:00 NN Same banking day, 5 PM onwards
Banking day, after 12:00:00 NN Next banking day, 5 PM onwards

*Friendly reminder that BillEase does not issue top-ups during holidays and weekends. Kindly keep that in mind when planning your requests and purchases.

How Do I Request for a Lazada Top-Up?

Requesting for a BillEase Top-Up is as easy as requesting for a BillEase voucher code. Click here for a walkthrough of the process.

But before anything else please remember to activate your Lazada Wallet! You won’t be able to proceed if your e-wallet is deactivated. Click here for instructions on how to get it activated.

And there you have it. We hope we were able to answer most, if not all, your questions. Please don’t hesitate to comment below if you have other clarifications in mind!

We’re here to help! 🙂

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