How to Pay for Your BillEase Loan via 7-Eleven Stores

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In this article, we’ll tackle the most popular method of paying for one’s BillEase loan – through 7-Eleven stores. Read on to find out how!

So you managed to get your first ever BillEase Installment Plan for your Lazada purchases. After much waiting and anticipation, your purchases have arrived in your doorstep as well. But now it’s a few days before your first payment is due and you don’t know how or where to pay for your BillEase loan. What do you do?

Worry not, because we got you covered! In this article, we’ll tackle the most popular method of paying for one’s BillEase loan – through 7-Eleven stores.



How to Pay for Your BillEase Loan via 7-Eleven Stores


Two days before your due date our system will send you a payment request both via SMS and email (Read: How to Change Your Email and Mobile Number in your BillEase account). In both instances, click the link provided in the payment request.

Payment request BillEase users will receive before their due date
Click the link provided in the payment request.

The link will take you to the portal. Click “Pay BillEase”. Ignore the Reference ID. This is not the number you need. portal for BillEase loan payments
Click “Pay BillEase”


Once inside the portal, you can now choose your preferred payment method. You can settle your BillEase Loan via your wallet, 7-Eleven stores, M Lhuillier, or Cebuana Lhuillier branches. portal for 7-Eleven payment option
Click the link for 7-Eleven store payment.

Click the link for 7-Eleven store payment. You will be promptly directed to a page that contains your reference number, the payment barcode, and additional “Payment Instructions”.


Barcode for 7-Eleven payment

You will also see your amount due and its due date.


The next step is to go to your nearest 7-Eleven store. Approach the cashier and request for 7-Connect Payment. You can either have the cashier scan the barcode or give them the reference code provided along with the “Payment Instructions”.

Kindly take note that 7-Eleven charges a small service fee depending on the amount of payment they’ll be processing.

Your payment has now been accepted, you’re all good to go! Congratulations, you’ve managed to make your first payment!


I have no internet and I can’t check my email! How do I pay for my BillEase loan?

Don’t fret, friends; there is still a way!

Along with your payment request, our system will also send you an SMS with a reference number that you can use to settle your BillEase loan on time. Please note, however, that this reference number will only work through 7-Eleven stores!


All of the 7-Eleven branches near me are offline! How do I pay for my BillEase loan?

Aside from 7-Eleven stores, you can also make payments via your wallet, M Lhuillier, or Cebuana Lhuillier branches. The process for each is still very easy to follow as well!

Paying through M Lhuillier

Let’s go back to the portal. Once again, click “Pay BillEase”. Once inside, choose your preferred payment method. For this instance, let’s try paying through M Lhuillier. portal for BillEase loan payments

Click the M Lhuiller option. portal for M Lhuillier payment option

Enter your complete name on the blanks provided. Remember to bring an ID when you go to your nearest M Lhuillier branch so the tellers can confirm your identity when you pay for your BillEase loan.

Now that you’ve entered your name, you will be given a reference number that you will present to your preferred M Lhuillier branch. Take note, however, that there is a minimal processing fee that M Lhuillier requires for all payment transactions with them. The processing fee also depends on the amount of payment they’ll be processing.

With this, you can now complete your first payment for BillEase!


Paying through Cebuana Lhuillier

To settle your BillEase loan through Cebuana Lhuillier is also as easy as the other available payment methods. Once again, click “Pay BillEase” in the portal. portal for BillEase loan payments

Choose Cebuana Lhuillier as your preferred payment method. portal for Cebuana Lhuillier payment option

You will be taken to a page that contains’s payment details. Write these details down or save a screenshot of the page.

Go to your nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch. Take a BILLS PAYMENT form and fill out the said form using’s payment details. Take the form to the teller and have him/her process your BillEase loan payment.

Again, take note that most third-party channels require a small payment for processing your transactions. In Cebuana Lhuillier’s case, you will need to pay a 40 pesos processing fee.


And that’s it! We hope this guide will lessen any confusion and help you with your first and future payments. Don’t hesitate to hit us up in the comments section if you have further clarifications or questions.

Happy Shopping!

22 thoughts on “How to Pay for Your BillEase Loan via 7-Eleven Stores

  1. What if gusto ko ng magbayad ng mas maaga kahit wala pa yung schedule date of payment ko. Anong gagawin ko at paano.

    1. Hi Elen,

      Thanks for your inquiry! There are two ways you can make an early payment.

      If your preferred payment method is 7-Eleven/Cebuana/MLhuillier/ – email and ask for a new payment request. Kindly indicate the amount you want to pay. Once you receive the payment request, you can then make an early payment via the method you prefer.

      If your preferred payment method is through bank transfer – simply pay through bank transfer and email a copy of the deposit slip or a screenshot of your transfer to Once we receive your proof of payment, we will then send you a payment confirmation.

      Let me know if you have further questions!

  2. Hi. I have BDO Mobile App in my fone and, out of convenience, I wish to pay my Billease loan via my BDO app.
    Can you walk me through the steps as I cant find the name of Billease’s company on the official list of recognized billers on their app? Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks an advance!

    1. Hi Mark!

      You’ll have to manually enter our bank details in your BDO online banking app so you can pay your BillEase loans there. Our BDO account is 011290007371 under First Digital Finance Corporation. Hope this helps! Let us know if you experience any hiccups so we can further assist you. Thank you!

  3. magbubukas ba yung link sa text pag click kahit wala akong account? pwede bang kopyahin young link sa pc at doon bubuksan tapos kunan ng picture yung barcode para dalhin sa seven eleven at bayaran?

    1. Hi Jay!

      Yes, you can open the link even without a account. If you want to use the barcode, we suggest opening the payment request we send via email. From there, you can get the reference number for your payment and you don’t need to have the bar code scanned or printed. If you don’t have internet, there is always a reference number sent out via SMS as well. Hope this clarifies!

  4. i survived my first payment and you were right. it was that easy. i just showed the text message to a 711 cashier and I’m done. immediately i received a reply txt that i paid for a loan. i noticed that my bill ease page did not reflect my payment. since i paid early, how long will it take to reflect on my bill ease account page?

    1. Hi Jay!

      Glad to hear that you were able to make payments without any hassle! It usually takes just a short while for our system to refresh and reflect your payments. In the future, you may try logging out and logging back in to your account to refresh your account. Hope this helps!

  5. Sana may option na din to pay with gcash o kaya any method na wala ng processing fee/cash-in fee. Para kasing pabigat sa bayarin parang nadodoble interest. Suggest lang.

  6. What if I use a gcash bank transfer feature. Will you still accept it as long as it is 2 days before the due date?

    1. Hi Neil!

      A lot of Billease customers actually use this method in paying for their installments! 🙂

    1. Hi Larry!

      As of now, our cash loan feature is available to select customers only. Selected customers will receive an email announcement from BillEase with instructions on how to avail the said feature. Continue using your BillEase loan and servicing your installments faithfully to qualify for the cash loan!

  7. I have a account app and it has funds. I generated a payment request and got a text message from billease website with a reference number and a link. When I click the link, it redirects me to app. My question now is, how to pay when I’m already inside the app? I don’t see billease biller in the name listed on there.

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